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Always wanted to know where the best chefs in Berlin like to eat and drink while not at their own joints? Well, lucky you -- we've captured exclusive interviews with some of the biggest players in the game so you, too, can feel like you're deep in the Gastro-Szene. Impress your dinner date with these high-quality recommendations, directly from the chefs and owners themselves.

"BFS, Eat Like a Chef", is our interview series with Berlin’s hospitality scene that guides you to their secret spots in the city. These really are the best places to eat and drink in Berlin, told to you by those who would know - Chefs, Cooks, Sommeliers, and Servers. Truly the finest people in Berlin sharing their finest tips. If you follow their lead, you're sure to have a great experience yourself.

There's a reason there's always a line outside of Mustafa's Gemuse Kebab. The quality of the ingredients! - Tim Raue

Below are Tim Raue's (Owner of Restaurant Tim Raue and Brasserie Colette) top recommendations for their favorite restaurants, coffee shops, and eateries in Berlin.

Here are the links to the interview. Video 1 // Video 2

  • Papaya

    Savor the flavors of Isaan cuisine at Papaya, a renowned restaurant located on Kantstraße in Berlin. Specializing in iconic dishes from the mountainous region in the North East of Thailand, Papaya is celebrated for its authentic offerings, including the beloved som tam, known for its delightful spicy heat. While exploring the (huge) menu, indulge in both familiar favorites and exciting new flavors, but it's the timeless classics that truly shine, delivering an unforgettable culinary experience that captures the essence of Isaan cuisine.

    If you want to cry in public, 'Thai-Spicy' here at Papaya is for real. We're not messing around.

  • Thai Park

    Thai Park is Berlin's renowned open-air food market, brimming with freshly prepared Thai dishes and options galore. Although smaller than it once was, there are still plenty of gems to be found if you're willing to wade through crowds and wait in lines. The vibrant atmosphere, bustling with locals and visitors alike, adds to the charm of this unique dining destination. Thai Park is a must-visit for anyone seeking a taste of Thailand in the heart of Berlin.

    You can't go wrong with the deep fried Pork belly with seafood sauce at Stall 25. Also, go early to beat the crowds.

  • Freundschaft

    Discover the essence of exceptional wine and warm camaraderie at Freundschaft, a true gem nestled in the heart of Berlin. This wine bar, masterminded by renowned, Austrian wine connoisseurs Willi Schlögl and Johannes Schellhorn, captivates visitors with its relaxed ambiance and unparalleled selection. Unfolding before you is a 500-position menu, lovingly presented within the pages of a captivating dark green tome, beckoning you to embark on an unforgettable vinous journey. Freundschaft provides a haven for oenophiles seeking pure, unadulterated flavors. To make sure you don't leave hungry, they offer a rotating selection of simple yet very tasty small dishes. Whether you arrive for a celebration or an impromptu after-work indulgence, Freundschaft is where friendships flourish and wine takes center stage.

    Make sure to eat the legendary Semmelknödel

  • Funky Fisch

    Discover the culinary marvel that is Funky Fisch, a contemporary seafood restaurant nestled in Charlottenburg, Berlin. As a brainchild of renowned chef and restaurateur The Duc Ngo, Funky Fisch offers a fresh and vibrant dining experience -- it's a party every night. The moment you step inside, a display of fresh fish greets you at the expansive counter, while cozy wooden tables create intimate dining spaces, some overlooking the bustling kitchen. With an enticing menu, choosing becomes a delightful challenge, but do make sure you get a few starters before you pick a fish from the open display, which then is prepared to your exact liking. Each dish at Funky Fisch embodies utter culinary style, in a city known for it's lack of seafood.

    Make sure you get the popcorn shrimp!

  • Burgermeister

    If you're craving a burger, look no further, Burgermeister is probably the most famous burger chain in the city and they have earned their crown. It all started in a toilet turned burger shop under a bridge and even then it drew the crowds. Even after franchising they have remained commited to quality and consistency. Clearly they all are about the meat, juicy patties and all but don't dismiss the veggie burger before trying it. It is top tier. We at BFS have fought for the Fleischermeister to stay so you better try that too! Loaded fries, optional.


  • Horváth

    Experience the culinary excellence of Horvath, a renowned restaurant in Berlin that epitomizes gastronomic mastery and personal storytelling. Immerse yourself in an elegant ambiance as you savor meticulously crafted dishes that showcase a harmonious blend of flavors and textures. With its unwavering commitment to culinary innovation and exceptional service, Horvath offers a remarkable dining experience that is sure to captivate even the most discerning palates.

    This is a great place for vegetarian foodies and they are trail brazers with non alcoholic pairings.

  • Tulus Lotrek

    Tulus Lotrek is a warm, tastefully decorated (the waiters match the walls), and inviting Michelin-starred, fine dining restaurant located in a quiet corner of the usually buzzing Kreuzberg. Chef Max Strohe dishes out some highly indulgent and beautiful plates, rooted in French cuisine but buttered up with some modern twists. Maître-D, Ilona Scholl, will make you feel right at home and the Sommelier will walk you through one of the absolute best wine menus in the city. Even if you leave with a lighter wallet, you will certainly walk out with a big smile.

    You can buy bottles to go! And check out Ilona Scholl's podcast "Röststoff"!

  • Rutz

    Rutz is a Michelin-starred restaurant in Berlin and also the city's only three-star restaurant. The restaurant is a cornerstone of the Berlin food scene and Executive Chef Marco Müller is famous for his German take on modern Nordic cuisine. Most of the ingredients are regionally sourced and after renovations in 2022 the restaurant was turned into a culinary temple spreading across two floors. Rutz is famous for its extensive wine list curated by sommelière Nacy Grossmann. Maitre D' Falco Mühlichen will make sure every one of your wishes is fulfilled.

    Definitely a place to go all in with the tasting menu and check out their extensive list of old Riesling vintages

  • Places that aren't currently listed on our website:

    Do De Li

    Mustafa's Gemüse Kebap

    China Club - member's only

    Osteria Centrale

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