Nathan Gilmour

If you ask Nathan what he is, as most are wont to do, he’ll answer in his shorthand ‘a charcutier’, though the truth is slightly more complex and certainly more faceted. Nathan started cooking at a young age, fibbing himself into his first position washing dishes at a local summer camp, slightly too young to properly work on the books, and proceed to climb the kitchen’s ranks (with rungs made mostly of fish and chips, caesar salads, and wedding caterings) to helm his first restaurant at 23 in 2013. 

Over the following decade, he grew his love for smoke, fire, time, and salt and decided first to specialize in butchery, then hyper-specialize in the art of preservation - namely, charcuterie. Nathan has served as a food safety and strategy consultant in the USA, South America, and in Europe with a penchant and particular guile for smallgood development and Texas-style BBQ. In addition to spending a season as a stagisti at the Rome Sustainable Food Project in Italy and again in Austria with the Wiesner Family, he has focused most of his training and teaching on the foodways and charcuterie of Southwestern France in Gascony with his mentors and friends, Mm. Kate Hill and Dominique Chapolard. He began his culinary journey in France as a plongeur et porter behind the scenes and eventually progressed to teaching alongside his mentors in France as well as in the USA. Nathan has taught butchery and live fire cookery around the world and is the best farmer’s market shopper this side of the Mississippi. 

Nathan received his MA in International Security Management from Berlin School of Economics and Law in 2021 after defending his thesis, ‘International food defense regulations and practices’ and has most recently worked in Operations Management and Expansion for multiple global firms with a specific focus on cloud kitchens and brand development. He is currently serving as an operations country lead for a European delivery-focused scaler for local hero food brands, is building an online charcuterie course with his mentors at Charcuterie Culture & Metier, and of course, is the Editor in Chief of

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