Hasir Kreuzberg

Through the Kotti Arch and away from the pressure of the swirling roundabout, you'll find a far better spin, namely, one of the best-stacked kebap spieses in the city. Expertly cooked and sliced, Hasir shines as one of the district's strongest kebap players and keeps us (and many other chefs and foodies alike) running back time and time again. Jump in line, after 13:00 is usually good to give the restaurant time to warm up and work through the first few layers, and prepare to be wowed. Order at the outside window to show you're here to play (hold the sauce, please), then sit down at one of the outside tables to smash your kebap in peace.

If it's not too busy and you're feeling brave, ask for extra peppers and vegetables tucked into your kebap - it really pushes things towards the divine.


Hasir Kreuzberg on BFS


  • lunch
  • dinner
  • late


  • Adana
  • Künefe
  • Beef Kebap
  • Yaprak Döner


  • Ayran


  • Takeout


  • Quick Meal
Hasir Kreuzberg