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Get ready for the ultimate guide to Berlin's best German food with our list of must-visit restaurants! We're talking about the real deal here - from classic Southern German dishes like Schweinehaxen, Käsespätzle, and Weisswürste to Berliner Eisbein, Kassler, Königsberger Klopse, Buletten and much more. Trust us, finding the best German grub in Berlin is not easy; it's like searching for that one amazing wurst in a heystack of cheap and average sausages.

We've done the legwork to bring you the crème de la crème of German dining spots, true to our core mission: To help you uncover Berlin's hidden food treasures and skip the disappointments. So get ready to hunt down that perfect Wurst and experience German cuisine at its finest.

  • Trio

    Discover the exquisite dining experience offered at Trio, one of Berlin's highly acclaimed new restaurants. With meticulous attention to detail, Trio presents a refined ambiance where patrons can indulge in a diverse range of expertly crafted dishes. From inventive interpretations of classics to impeccably presented desserts, Trio stands out as a remarkable destination for those seeking a sophisticated and memorable dining experience in the heart of the city.

    If you weren't able to reserve a seat, just swing by and queue for one of the seats in the bar

  • Lebensmittel in Mitte

    This standout restaurant will delight your taste buds. Step into this rustic venue tucked away from the bustling streets and indulge in a menu that celebrates seasonality and homemade goodness. From classic dishes like Spätzle and Schnitzel to daily specials featuring delectable creations such as perfectly fried trout or white asparagus. For a memorable lunch in Mitte, this is the place to savor authentic, high-quality German cuisine. You can grab some goods to go too.

    Pay them a visit during Spargel season and also grab the fizzy pear soda.

  • Engelberg

    Start your day off right at Engelberg, a delightful cafe and haven in Berlin. This inviting establishment is dedicated to crafting a memorable morning experience, offering a delectable array of breakfast options. From freshly baked pastries to hearty dishes made with locally sourced ingredients, Engelberg ensures a satisfying start to your day. Immerse yourself in the cozy atmosphere, sip on a freshly brewed coffee, and indulge in a nourishing breakfast that will leave you energized and ready to seize the day.

    Perfect weekend kickoff prior to hanging out at Mauerpark.

  • Tim Raue

    Tim Raue's eponymous restaurant is a culinary destination located in the heart of Berlin's Kreuzberg neighborhood. Chef Tim Raue's innovative and eclectic dishes are influenced by his travels and experience in Asian cuisine. The tasting menu features unique and flavorful dishes, such as the crispy-skinned duck with hoisin sauce, as well as a vegetarian option. The wine list is extensive, with carefully curated selections to complement the bold flavors of the dishes. The restaurant's sleek and modern interior, combined with impeccable service, creates an unforgettable dining experience. Tim Raue is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to indulge in exceptional cuisine in Berlin.

    If you can't find a table for a dinner reservation, don't forget about their lunch offering!

  • Zur Haxe

    Zur Haxe is a top-rated Berlin restaurant that specializes in serving up mouth-watering traditional German cuisine. Their specialty is the Haxe, or pork knuckle, which is slow-cooked to perfection and served with sauerkraut and crispy potatoes. If you're a food enthusiast looking for an authentic dining experience, Zur Haxe should be on your list of must-visit restaurants in Berlin. With its cozy and rustic interior, friendly staff, and generous portions, this restaurant offers a perfect combination of taste, atmosphere, and value.

    Super friendly service! They have coloring pages and crayons for kids and an adorable collection of German knick knacks to accompany a comforting traditional meal.

  • Zur letzten Instanz

    Zur Letzten Instanz is one of Berlin's oldest and most iconic restaurants, dating back to 1621. The menu features authentic German cuisine, including their famous pork knuckle and hearty stews. The cozy atmosphere and historic decor add to the charm of this legendary restaurant. This traditional eatery offers a dining experience that will transport you back in time and allow you to indulge in the city's rich culinary heritage.

    Chat up the bartender to see if they've tried the specials yet and get their take on what's going on in the kitchen.

  • Rogacki

    Rogacki is an iconic culinary institution nestled in Berlin, known for its rich history and delectable offerings. As you step into this bustling market and eatery, you're greeted by a feast for the senses. The aroma of freshly smoked fish fills the air (smoked right there behind the counter!), while the vibrant displays of seafood, charcuterie, and gourmet delicacies tantalize the eyes. From succulent smoked salmon to flavorful sausages and an array of delectable treats, Rogacki delights food enthusiasts with its commitment to quality and tradition. Whether you're seeking a quick bite or a gourmet shopping experience, Rogacki is a must-visit destination for those seeking a true taste of Berlin's culinary heritage.

    Get the Bratkartoffeln at the same time you get the Fried Fish - double remoulade.

  • Anleger zum Eierhäuschen

    Nestled in Plänterwald, amongst lots of construction which promises great things for the area, lies this renovated Beer Garden. Foodwise, especially for a biergarten, they're playing at a much higher level than your average, but still enjoyable, Berliner beer watering hole. The menu is traditional; potato salad, Bratwurst, Fischbrötchen, seasonal green salads, and crunchy potatoes -- all elevated with great care for quality and presentation. There's also beer on tap, wine by the glass, a selection of soft drinks, and coffee and ice cream. A small but great playground is just around the corner, perfect for a family day out. Once this place is fully open, it will be an absolute highlight in town.

    The green salad's dressing is amazing! and you can order extra sausages without bread.

  • Schlesisch Blau

    If it's a home cooked lunch you're after, then this place is for you. The crew at Schlesisch Blau are dishing out German traditional dishes of exceptional quality amazing value for money, a rarity nowadays. The daily menu is written on a chalkboard in most legit daily special style and will include dishes in the neighborhood of spätzle, cordon bleu and pork roast. The sides are just as strong, the sauerkraut, exceptional. This is a true insider tip. Don't miss out.

    Find a lunch date so that you can try a few items! True to form, it's closed on weekends.

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