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UPDATE: This establishment is now called Mogg but the fantastic food and service are still exactly the same.

Mogg and Melzer is an modern American Deli located in a former Jewish girl's school in Mitte. It's the one place in Berlin to satisfy your deepest Pastrami cravings and really also the best Jewish deli in Berlin.

Mogg and Melzer is the brainchild of Oskar Melzer and Paul Mogg and a brave attempt to bring some true New York City food culture to Berlin. They were craving some proper Pastrami in their new hometown and came to the conclusion that opening a restaurant would the best way to bring quality Pastrami to Germany's capital. Mogg and Melzer have slowly, but very surely, secured a position as a prime destination for great food and latest since the much talked about New York Times article that raved about the American deli in Berlin, Mogg & Melzer is hot. Smoking hot.

But once you enter and take a right you will find the entrance to smoked goodness

Located in an old Jewish girl's school, next to sister restaurant and Michelin star awarded Pauly Saal, Mogg & Melzer is beautiful little eatery hidden away in a massive old building. But once you enter and take a right you will find the entrance to smoked goodness. Another safe option is to follow the pastrami scent. The venue was designed was to recreate the vibe of a 1930s New York Deli using modern furniture in the process. The result is clean, modern and yet very comfortable and the venue is nothing but very cool.

The food at Mogg & Melzer is unusual, the chefs actually brine and smoke their own pastrami for their famous pastrami and reuben sandwiches, something not many people in Berlin did until these guys started it. And while the menu focuses on American deli classics like the pastrami and reuben sandwiches, there are also a lot of other, interesting dishes venturing outside that framework. For example a delicious pulled pork sandwich, a Merguez sausage dish or why not another one of my favourites: Truffled mushrooms and poached egg on toasted brioche. Not much you can do wrong with this baby.

Mogg & Melzer can absolutely compete with New York pastrami

The stars of this food show though are no doubt the Pastrami and Reuben sandwiches. Served on a tasty rye bread and an abundance of the thick, juicy, fatty and smoked Pastrami slices these babies are as much showstoppers as heartstoppers. Having recently been exposed to a serious Pastrami overdose at famous NYC eatery Katz Delicatessen I have to say that I fully agree with Pete Wells of the New York Times: Mogg & Melzer can absolutely compete with New York pastrami, their product is as good as it gets and once you have successfully devoured your Mogg & Melzer Reuben you will most certainly feel very happy, full and especially strongly inclined to eat salad only for the next ten lunch breaks.

Mogg and Melzer is a one Berlin's best lunch locations, hands down. Not necessarily because of the vibe of the place, service is not particularly friendly and I never feel particularly welcome, but for the high quality grub. It might just be the best sandwich place in all of Berlin, but that's for you to decide. Go forth and find your next lunch at the Jewish girl's school. Tip: Don't eat a big breakfast before.

Mogg and Melzer can nowadays also be found at the Bite Club events in Mitte and Kreuzberg.

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