No alcohol is served and you can't bring your own bottles, so enjoy your tea. And don't forget to reserve your seats via Instagram!


Craving authentic, Tokyo-style sushi in Berlin? Served omakase style from an intimate counter? Have you just finished your weekly fancy grocery shop? Well then we’ve got just the place for you! 

Look no further than Otsuka Sushi, a hidden gem tucked away in the most unexpected location - the eastern entrance of Denns BioMarkt Nordbahnhof. Forget expansive dining rooms and luxurious decor, this tiny, 7-seater spot, run by the husband-and-wife team of Daisuke and Mika, prioritizes quality ingredients and exceptional sushi mastery over ambience.

An incredibly affordable daily lunch offering.

Daisuke, formerly the sushi chef at Zenkichi, brings his expertise to the table to create an unforgettable experience. While they offer a convenient 15 EUR set menu for lunch, it's the 60 EUR omakase that truly steals the show during dinner. This carefully curated chef's choice selection features the freshest, sustainably-sourced fish from Europe. Think Spanish tuna boasting rich, melt-in-your-mouth flavor, and delicate Atlantic turbot and scallops with a touch of sweetness. Sea bream and mackerel add a delightful textural contrast, each piece expertly prepared to highlight its natural taste.

It's not just the fish that elevates this Omakase to new heights. Daisuke places a strong emphasis on his sushi rice, and it shows. Perfectly cooked, expertly seasoned, and boasting the ideal temperature, it's some of the finest sushi rice you'll encounter in Berlin. Each bite is a harmonious marriage of perfectly complemented flavors and textures. You’ll notice him constantly testing and tempering his rice throughout the omakase process, ensuring optimal texture and temperature. 

Sure, the variety in this omakase offering is limited compared to other high(er)-end sushi restaurants. Uni aficionados and those seeking an extensive selection of rolls might find themselves wanting a bit more. However, for the price of 60 EUR, the quality is truly exceptional. The melt-in-your-mouth chu toro nigiri is a revelation, and the elegantly seasoned mackerel showcases Daisuke's masterful technique.

The minimalist setting might not be for everyone. Bright lights and a no-frills atmosphere might seem a far cry from the typical fine-dining experience typically associated with a chef’s choice menu. But, for those who appreciate a focus on substance over style, the simplicity adds to the overall charm. In fact, it only enhances the Tokyo-esque vibe, transporting you straight to the heart of Japan's bustling sushi scene.

Daisuke & Mika's Otsuka Sushi is a breath of fresh air in Berlin's sushi landscape. It's the omakase experience we've all been waiting for, offering top-notch quality at a reasonable price. This tiny gem rivals established names like SAN and 893 Ryotei, and is sure to become a favorite haunt for sushi aficionados in the know. If you can get a seat, that is!

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