Tekbir Döner

Looking for a better alternative to Imren? Look no further than Tekbir Döner in the heart of Kreuzberg. This tiny Imbiss on Skalitzer Strasse offers pretty much a 1-for-1 copy of the Imren Döner with its heavily marinated and seasoned beef that’s laced with lamb fat. Many locals swear by the Imren Döner, but real Döner pros know that you go to Imren for the lunch stews and to Tekbir for the Imren-style Döner. Here you can also get the signature Imren sesame sauce, which is a great alternative to the standard Berlin Döner sauces.  

The beef yaprak-style döner is the move - go later in the day as they've cracked into the new one by then.


Tekbir Döner on BFS


  • dinner
  • lunch
  • late


  • Yaprak
  • Beef
  • Kebap
  • Künefe



  • Takeout


  • Quick Meal
Tekbir Döner