Berlin Midye

Nettbelbeckplatz in Wedding probably isn't the first place that pops into a Berliner's mind when one thinks of fresh seafood street food, but the tiny shack on the square called "Berlin Midye" is here to convince you of the opposite. While Midye, the mussels stuffed with rice, are the main offering at Berlin Midye, it's actually the Kokorec Sandwiches that are the reason you should visit the shack. The owner buys the ready cooked skewers from a supplier and then cook them crispy for you on his griddle, only to then out it in a sandwich

Order the Kokorec Sandwich "Izmir" Style and the owner will fry the kokorec with spicy peppers for you


Berlin Midye on BFS


  • lunch
  • dinner
  • late


  • Kokorec
  • Midye
  • Tantuni


  • Ayran


  • Cash only
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Takeout


  • Quick Meal
  • Weekday Lunch
Berlin Midye