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These are the places that we love in Berlin right now to grab a bite and a drink or three. Roll solo or bring your friends or something-to-be - there's something for everyone.

It's absolutely roasting out and these places are our true respite and salve, you'll undoubtedly find our team hanging out sipping and snacking at all of the below spots. Hope to see you there!

  • Rhinoçéros

    Rhinoçéros is an intimate venue that uses the power of music and cocktails to transport you to another place and time. Live performances and vinyl listening sessions captivate the crowd, while the cozy setting creates an inviting atmosphere. Sip on expertly crafted cocktails and nibble on the bar's limited but quality food offering such as fresh baguettes alongside cheese platters and tapenade.

    Don't forget to check the by-the-bottle wine list.

  • Dr. Maury

    Dr. Maury is a charming establishment that effortlessly blends sophistication and warmth. Located in the heart Prenzlauer Berg, this bar offers an inviting ambiance, perfect for unwinding after a long day or meeting friends for a delightful evening. With its tasteful decor and thoughtfully curated selection of libations, Dr. Maury strikes the perfect balance between classic elegance and contemporary style. The attentive and knowledgeable staff are always ready to recommend a signature cocktail or help you explore their impressive range of spirits, ensuring a memorable experience for every visitor.

    Take a trip to France while still in Berlin with all of their super high quality snacks and bites.

  • Facciola

    Facciola offers an inviting atmosphere that effortlessly combines refined elegance with a sense of homey comfort. Nestled in a side street right off the canal, this wine bar is a perfect destination for those seeking a relaxed and enjoyable evening beneath the ivy and away from the excitement of Kreuzkölln. The tastefully adorned interior sets the stage for a memorable experience, complemented by an expertly curated selection of wines catering to even the most discerning palates. The attentive and knowledgeable staff are dedicated to guiding you through their impressive wine list, ensuring that every glass poured at Facciola is a delightful exploration of flavors and aromas. For wine enthusiasts or those simply looking for a refined atmosphere to unwind, Facciola promises an evening of sophistication and gratifying indulgence.

    Facciola keeps a live list of their wine offering on a constantly updating page via their website.

  • Klemke

    Klemke unconventionally combines the best of two distinct worlds; the platonic ideal of a wine store with the perfect balance of well-cared-for dusty bottles and this year's Beaujolais with one of the best examples of Hausmannskost to be found in Berlin. A true world-class team of Omas cranks out hundrends of plates of schnitzel, stampf, kartoffelsalat, bouletten, fish dishes, and beautiful roast beef plates most days of the week to a snaking line of a real march of humanity. From bankers to yummy mummies to old school locals to tourists who lost their way off Ku'damm, Klemke is a living piece of history in the heart of the West.

    They have rotating specials and a handful of Greatest Hits. Stick with the latter, they're Hits for a reason.

  • Nomi

    Nomi takes the concept of a themed wine bar to new heights with its lineup of women-produced and owned wines. This Kreuzberg wine bar has a rotation of events (sparkling wine and currywurst, anyone?) but you'll be equally charmed to pop in and select a glass from their natural-leaning menu. And the bar bites like sourdough, pickles, sardines, cheese are simple enough to let the wine shine, while filling hungry bellies.

    Don't forget the homemade pickles.


    SACREBLEU! is a bistro and winebar that helps fill a void in the Berlin dining scene - see and be seen. Memorable plates and wines served in a stylish, yet casual environment make for a great evening. There's a real focus on the food here, so expect well-executed seasonal sharing plates like king trumpet mushrooms served with a parsley root puree and a kombu emulsion or line-caught Hamachi served with radish. It's worth spending a few hours picking through the menu and sampling a few of their stellar by-the-glass wine selection, to see what SACREBLEU! is all about.

    Don't miss the oeuf mayonnaise or the cheesecake. Also, be sure to wear your snazziest duds and your chunkiest shoes - this is deep in the heart of the cool kid 'szene.

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