~ Who’s behind berlin food stories? ~

BFS is an independent blog run by Per Meurling. Find more info on the About page or send him an email. You can also signup here to receive the Berlin Food Digest which is stuffed full of the hottest food news, events, gossip, jobs and new openings every month.

~ what’s the best restaurant in berlin? ~

There is no answer to that question as eating is a very subjective experience. A good place to start is the Top List where I list some of my favourite eateries.

~ where can i contact berlin food stories? ~

You can find my contact details in the Imprint.

~ in which part of town should i stay if i’m visiting? ~

It all depends on what you want out of your trip. If you focus on the nice neighborhoods and being close to some of the best restaurants in town, Prenzlauer Berg, Kreuzberg, Neukölln and Mitte are good districts to stay where Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg are more polished and tidier and Kreuzberg and Neukölln a bit more rough and hip. The public transport system is great though so places like Charlottenburg, Schöneberg and Friedrichshain all work as well.

~ should i stay at a hotel, hostel or in a rented apartment? ~

These all work and housing is generally quite affordable. Prices? The price range varies from a small apartment with one bed for 20€ a night to a large full-size fashionable apartment for 200€ a night. But for the most part the price range is between 35-70€ a night.

~ do i need to know german? ~

You will get very far with English in Berlin.

~ how much do i pay for a meal? ~

You can eat well for any budget in Berlin.

~ what times do people eat out? ~

Breakfast: There is a huge breakfast and brunch culture and some places serve to late afternoon.

Lunch: Weekdays from 12:00 to 14:00with a peak at 13:00.

Dinner: From 18.00 to at least 22:00 with a peak at 20:00.

~ where do i order? ~

At most restaurants the waiter comes and takes your order at the table.

~ do i need reservations? ~

It really depends on the restaurant. It’s starting to become more common. Check the stories for more specific information.

~ how much do i tip? ~

Tip is usually around 10 % of your bill and it is never included in the price. Do tip as service staff only earn the minimum wage.

~ are restaurants open the whole week? ~

Yes, but remember that Sundays and Mondays are common days-off. A good tip for Mondays are Asian restaurants.

~ can i take pictures? ~

Yes you can. Be courteous to the restaurant and the other guests though and turn off the flash on your camera and smart-phone. Keep in mind though that it’s not OK to take photos in most bars and clubs.

~ how do i get around with taxi? ~

Taxis are relatively cheap and since the taxi business in Berlin is well regulated there is a small to no chance to get ripped off. All taxis are beige and when the taxi light is on it is free to wave it down. Taxi Berlin: +49 30 – 20 20 20 If you only want to travel a short distance, you can wave down a passing taxi in Berlin directly on the street. The fare for this so-called regulation short distance is €4.00 for a distance of 2 kilometres. Please don’t forget to mention to the taxi driver as soon as you get in the taxi that you only want to go this short distance. This regulation short distance tariff is only possible with taxis you wave down on the street and only for a distance of 2 kilometres without stopping.

~ how do i get around with public transport? ~

Public transport in Berlin is great and with one ticket you can use the U-Bahn, S-Bahn, M-Tram and Busses.

~ do you need a ticket? ~

Generally yes and especially on the U- and S-Bahn where civilian controllers frequently do ticket raids. The fee to get caught is 60€. Unless you travel to Schönefeld airport or Potsdam you will only need a standard AB ticket. Prices are around 2,70€ for a one way AB ticket and there are several ticket points including daily and weekly tickets. You can buy your tickets from one of the many BVG and S-Bahn Berlin ticket selling areas, or directly at the machines located at the stations. A single fare ticket is valid for one person and a two hour journey through the city.

~ what do i find in which area? ~

Kreuzberg, Neukölln, Wedding and Moabit are known for their extensive, Turkish population. Here you will find lots of kebab and döner places. The Kantstraße in Charlottenburg is a little Asia with lots of authentic Chinese/Thai/Korean places. Most Vietnamese restaurants can be found in East Berlin. Neukölln and Kreuzberg feature the hippest restaurants.

~ how is the service culture in berlin? ~

Probably worse than you are used to. Berlin service staff, especially German waiters, can be quite challenging and my best piece of advice is to have low expectations and not to get offended. Usually there are no bad intentions behind bad behaviour and if you don’t let them outsmart you they will respect you.

~ can i pay with card? ~

Cash is king in Berlin but its getting better. Ask if they take cards if you don’t have cash.

~ where do i find a late night snack? ~

Best chance is around larger public transport stations in the city.

~ How do the “Order Delivery Food” buttons on the site work? ~

If the restaurant does delivery and is in your delivery area, you will be directed to the restaurants delivery offering.

~ How do the “Book a table” buttons on the site work? ~

If the restaurant has an online booking service, you will be directed to that. If not you will be directed to the site (if there is one).

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