Hello, my name is Per.

Welcome to a project dedicated to the very best restaurants in Berlin and to the people who are truly serious about great food and extraordinary dining. I have been eating my way through Berlin since 2006 and started Berlin Food Stories in 2012, resolute in my aim of becoming the most reliable and independent source of information about eating out in this city.

Today I share my thoughts on food as a freelance journalist writing for some of the renowned publications on the planet, as an expert tour guide and consultant and, of course, through the extensive sharing of the best things to eat on social media. 

  Berlin is an unique food destination with a complex culinary history, which has seen an unprecedented upswing in the last decade. Berlin Food Stories will lead you to all the best eats whilst providing a no bullshit, entertaining and 100% independent guide through which you can navigate my hometown’s culinary jungle and learn about the stories of the people behind these places. Think of it as an alternative to the TripAdvisors and Yelps of the world: a one-stop expert guide with detailed reviews based on passionate work and never on sponsored meals.

Berlin Food Stories doesn’t differentiate between Michelin stars and a hole-in-the-wall joint because an awesome meal always comes down to the same core things: great ingredients, skilled cooking and an extraordinary dining experience that puts a smile on your face and makes you want to tell people about it. That’s exactly what I do.

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photo credit to Anders Husa

Life is too damn short for bad meals.
Let everything you eat be delicious and extraordinary. Mahlzeit & Guten Appetit.


Per Meurling is a Swedish food and restaurant blogger based in Berlin with a background in digital tech. Through his internationally renowned blog, Berlin Food Stories, he has become the world's foremost authority on Berlin food. As a former semi-professional chef and avid traveller, Per’s knowledge about food and connections within the restaurant industry are second to none.