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Berlin has always been a pizza-loving city, a deep and uninterrupted affection that dates back to the 1960s when Italians pioneered the concept of immigrant food in a post-war Germany. Ever since, the innumerable “Nachbarschaftsitaliener” (neighbourhood Italians) across the Republic have made sure to nourish this affection, establishing pizza at the top of everybody’s favourite meal ranking. In Berlin, pizza has played countless roles over the years from the classic, Italian restaurant version to the sliced square from the Turkish street food joint and, most recently, the hip manifestations of an artisanal food movement. Naming Berlin’s best pizzas from the myriad of available choices is far from a trivial task.

Naming Berlin’s best pizzas from the myriad of available choices is far from a trivial task

Pizza is one of those dishes that brings everybody to the table, from young and old, vegan and omnivore, rich and poor. Who doesn’t love a good pizza served fresh out of a hot oven with a perfect crust, melted cheese, eaten on the spot or delivered to your home? As someone who (literally) grew up on frozen pizza and who dragged their parents to countless pizza joints across the planet (sorry mum and dad), I like to think that I can speak out of lived experience. Yes, my life has been an ode to pizza and as a dedicated devourer of thousands of pies, I now offer you my guidance for a trip deep down the rabbit hole of Berlin pizza.

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One might think since Berlin’s pizzaiolos have had 60 years to perfect their art, Berlin’s pizza would have had a long streak of greatness. Unfortunately, this is very far from the truth. I’d actually argue the exact opposite and would even go as far as saying the pizza game in Berlin pre 2015 was notably shit, a problem caused by Berlin’s classic, lethargic condition of low standards and extreme price sensitivity, known to let development in certain food niches suspend entirely. For years I watched the same, substandard pizza slingers get praised to the skies for their lousy baking with even lousier ingredients and it drove me nuts.

But then just like that, something changed and Berlin’s expat restaurateurs sensed a massive, untapped potential within new-age pizza baking. In 2015, over the course of just a few months, Standard in Prenzlauer Berg opened alongside Zola in Kreuzberg, redefining Berlin’s pizza standards, just like that. A year later, Malafemmena in Friedenau opened, founding what I like to call the great “Neo-Neapolitan Pizza Wave” of Berlin (don’t look it up, I just made that up) and establishing an elevation in quality pizza baking which echoed across the city and slowly started dividing Berliners into two teams. The reason for this division was the Neapolitan’s soft, thick-crust pizzas which featured meticulously sourced ingredients from artisanal producers in Italy, blazed to charred perfection for 60 seconds in monstrous, imported ovens at 450 degrees. It was the crust and the softness of the pie bottom that divided people, especially Germans who seemed to have some sort of deep set aversion imprinted into their DNAs against thick pizza crusts and I encountered more than my fair share of self-declared pizza lovers who’d happily stuff their face with the cheapest, industrial mozzarella-from-hell, just as long as it came on a thin and crispy crust.

For years I watched the same, substandard pizza slingers get praised to the skies for their lousy baking with even lousier ingredients and it drove me nuts.

My personal revelation of the sheer existence of an artisanal pizza movement overshadowed any doubt but even I had to admit that for a while, the only option for a quality pizza in Berlin was Neapolitan-style. Luckily, in 2018 we saw the second wave of artisanal pizza baking emerge led by Neukölln’s sourdough pizza bakers, Gazzo, followed later by restaurants such as California-style pizza bakers, St. Bess, as well as Estelle and, most recently, shops like the New York-style slice makers, Magic John’s.

Today, Berlin is a modern pizza metropolis and new pizza makers keep popping up on every corner. There is now an offering of quality pizzas across a wide range of styles, providing countless ways to enjoy spectacular pizza around the clock, regardless of your preferences. I’d go as far as saying that Berlin has one of, if not the, richest pizza scenes in Europe in terms of quality and variety right now, a title I see as only being contested by London.

I’ve spent the last years researching the topic and the time has come to present the updated list of the best pizzas in Berlin. This is by no means a finished list, more than a handful places are hovering on the fringe of it and might make it onto the list in the future. There are also a few, very promising pop-up projects without fixed locations that I’ve chosen to not include here. As always, this list is as alive as Berlin’s pizza scene, so make sure to check back here for regular updates. When it comes to judging standards, equal emphasis is put on toppings and dough, with a slight bias towards high quality toppings.

Now, go forth and devour all those pizzas.

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New York Style Thin Crust

The most recent opening on the list, and a pizza shop which filled a gap in Berlin’s pizza offering with its New York-style thin crust pizzas. Magic John’s doesn’t compete on the same level as most other pizzas on this list when it comes to quality thinking and artisanal ingredient sourcing, but nevertheless it produces a great pie which fills that great “slice-on-the-hand-itch” after three beers.


The truffle mushroom slice is a winner

Neapolitan Thick Crust

An institution that baked Neapolitan style pizza way before it was cool, more specifically since 2011. The development of Mami Camilla happened under the radar, but the custom-made gas oven in Prenzlauer Berg’s Bötzow Kiez today undeniably bakes one of Berlin’s best pizzas. A strong non-pizza section of the menu makes this a winner destination, especially if you have kids.


The red pizzas are usually better then the white ones

Neapolitan Thick Crust

This Neukölln pizzeria, located by the canal, was founded by the original pizzaiolo from Zola in Kreuzberg along with the rest of his Polish crew. Focus is on the classic Neapolitan style with a very thick crust and the quality of the dough and toppings are top notch. Definitely one of the best pizzas in southern Berlin.


Try the all red pizzas without cheese

Mon - Fri: 18:00 - 22:00Sat & Sun: 17:00 - 22:00
Neapolitan Thick Crust

The pioneer of Berlin’s neo-Neapolitan pizza wave still belongs to the very top echelon of pizza bakers in Berlin. With a constant flow of guests coming through the doors across the picturesque Teutoburger Park in Prenzlauer Berg, the Austrian owned pizzeria with its gas oven is a notorious chef hangout and is known for its consistency. What makes Standard stand out from its Neapolitan style peers is the unparalleled quality and innovation level of its toppings. The very fine Italian-Austrian wine list is the icing on the cake.


The weekly specials are usually the best pizzas

Neapolitan Thick Crust

Even the sightly remote location in the south western Schöneberg district of Friedenau doesn’t discourage hungry pizza aficionados from making their way to Malafemmena. This Neapolitan restaurant bakes one of the best Neapolitan-style pizzas in Berlin and is also the only pizzeria in Berlin to be part of the AVPN, the official association of Neapolitan pizzerias. Since March 2020, there is also a second Prenzlauer Berg branch on Danziger Straße.


The Mortadella & Burrata is extraordinary. So is the Tiramisu for dessert.

Mon: 16:30 - 23:00Wed - Fri: 16:30 - 23:00Sat & Sun: 12:00 - 23:30
Neapolitan Thick Crust

One of the most recent openings on the Berlin scene, but truly a force to be reckoned with from the get go. The head Pizzaiolo worked at the legendary Pepe in Grani pizzeria in Italy and the classic Neapolitan pies he bakes in his Stefano Ferrara oven inside Moabit’s Arminiusmarkthalle are extraordinary, so good that, in fact, Mangiare immediately joined both Malafemmena and Standard in the battle for the very best Neapolitan-style pizza in Berlin


Order the amazing Cacio e Pepe pizza

Sourdough Semi Thin Crust

There is a good reason Gazzo is the most talked about pizza restaurant in Berlin – the sourdough hybrid pizza operation in Neukölln is an eclectic meeting point for Berliners from all across town, all in search for what might just be the best thin-crust pizza in the city. Ingredients are sourced regionally, vibes are always on top and all unite on the fact that the legendary Buffalo Milk Soft Serve dessert with olive oil and sea salt can’t be missed.


Order the red Burrata or one of the seasonal white pizzas

Neapolitan Thick Crust

The high-quality outpost of Neapolitan style pizza-baking in Eastern Friedrichshain, founded by an ex-Standard Head Pizzaiolo.The fluffy thick-crust pizzas are top notch, from the commitment to dough excellence to the highest quality ingredients from Italy and Futura arguably delivers the consistently highest quality pizzas in Friedrichshain.


Neapolitan Hybrid Thin Crust

This contemporary restaurant opened its doors in 2020 in northern Prenzlauer Berg and alongside a very heartfelt menu of small sharing dishes, Estelle also offers fantastic pizzas that are baked in an electric Gozney oven. Style is described as a “70% Neapolitan and 30% New York Style” and the relatively small pies are fairly non-traditional Italian style with a crispy crust, often with white toppings and vegetable-centric. A unique style that has to be experienced, not just for the pizza but also the other food and the extraordinarily lovely staff (also a marvelous family restaurant).


Order the N'duja and the veggie pizzas

Sourdough Thin Crust

From the Valorian wood-fired oven in Wedding’s Sprengelkiez, you’ll get the self-declared “Californian take on the Neapolitan pizza”. These fantastic pizzas come out very crispy with a massive, crunchy bite. Toppings are funky and not very Italian with a lot of white pizzas and loads of vegan options. This place has improved dramatically over the years and now counts amongst the most interesting pizza varieties you can eat in Berlin. CAUTION: Currently closed for a chimney renovation. Reopening date not set.


Order the grilled artichokes as a side sish

Neapolitan Thick Crust

Once upon a time a founding member of the neo-Neapolitan style pizza wave, hidden in a backyard on Paul-Lincke-Ufer. After the incorporation and merger of the canal-facing venue of Cocolo Ramen, we now have a beast of pizzeria with a double oven setup. For a spot in the very top of Berlin Neapolitan pizzas, the volumes are too large and the attention to detail and quality not high enough – still a very good pizza though.


Bring cash

Neapolitan Semi-Thick Crust

The mere fact that the first sister restaurant of an iconic Napoli pizzeria opened here in Berlin speaks volumes about how hot the Berlin pizza scene is. It says even more about the quality of the scene when Da Michele isn’t even the best Neapolitan pizza in Berlin. The 2019 opening of Da Michele in Schöneberg was a big deal for Berlin’s pizza aficionados and its specific style of a slightly thinner and super soft crust has garnered a lot of fans, but you do have to be a fan of zero-crunch and saucy pizzas to truly love this style.


Famous for their red pizzas

Sourdough Thin Crust

The category leader in the “not giving a f-ck about pizza rules” club with their indulging, funky and very crispy thin-crust pies, drizzled with pesto mayo, that are sold out of a tiny hole-in-the wall on Frankfurter Allee. I once described Salami Social Club as “the kind of pizza I want on my belly while I lay on my couch after a night of one too many beers” and I don’t have much to add to that. My friend Sachin’s rule to eating pizza in Friedrichshain summarizes the situation: Futura before 20:00 and Salami Social Club after. Definitely nothing to add to that.


Order the spicy salami with pesto mayo

Sourdough Hybrid Thin Crust

The Italian Milano-style bakery in the Markthalle Neun in Kreuzberg opened a dedicated home for its thin-crust pizza in Schöneberg at the beginning of 2020. Guests have the choice between 100% spelt and a 50/50 version with 50% Wheat and 50% Senatore Cappelli. Regardless of which dough you choose, pizzas at Sironi have a large comfort-crunch factor and a soothing zero-fuss attitude that make them a welcome alternative to the prevalent thick-crust Berlin Neapolitan pizza game.


Order the 50/50 hybrid for a very interesting pizza variety

Roman Thin Crust

Hidden off the beaten path in Northern Charlotteburg, this pizza joint offers something very unique: A Roman style Pinsa, which is a thin-crust, Roman-style focaccia based on a wheat/soy/rice flour mix that’s formed by hand into an oval shape. Usually served as a white pizza, the Pinsa at Rosso is a super crispy and ultra comforting pizza that’s worth a journey from across town. 


Best consumed as a Cacio e Pepe (cheese & pepper) or Carbonara (egg, bacon)

Mon - Fri: 11:30 - 14:30Mon - Fri: 18:00 - 21:00Sat & Sun: Closed
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