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Jun 5th, 2019

Dear Readers,

This is dedicated to you – the true life and blood of Berlin Food Stories as the people who read my blog, follow me on social media and provide me with the vital assurances that my work matters. Today I’m reaching out with a call for support to guarantee the continued existence and development of the BFS project.

“Today I’m reaching out with a call for support to guarantee the continued existence and development of the BFS project.”

Berlin Food Stories started as a hobby in 2012 and became a full time experiment in 2016. The clear objective of the project has from day been to offer the very best, most knowledgeable and independent source on where to eat in Berlin. No politics, no compromises and no blogger bullshit. This has worked out fairly well, and despite the occasional inevitable compromise and the fact that a lot of work remains still to do, we have together positioned BFS as one of, or even the best, place to read about restaurants. Yes, we did that together: Me by writing and you by reading, spreading the word and feeding me with tips.

“No politics, no compromises and no blogger bullshit.”

However, like everything, BFS needs to grow up and this first and foremost applies to financial feasibility. The point of BFS was never to get rich but the last year has shown that profitability is way too dependent on collaborations with brands that interfere with the main objective of the site. I was faced by the choice to either go full-on ‘Instagram Influencer’ (whatever that means) or figure out how I can can make this whole thing work by focusing on what’s essential instead – great f**n food (of course). I’ve come to the conclusion that the truth, as so often, lies somewhere in between. And that I could use your help with that.

There are a lot of misconceptions about Berlin Food Stories when it comes to both who’s behind it and how the whole project functions. Allow me therefore to first clarify a few things.


I’m the only full-time person behind Berlin Food Stories. Besides me, there is the extraordinary Kate who takes some operational workload off my back and generally acts as my second brain. Sonni helps me with photo and video shoots as well as web photo post-production, and then there are a couple of great people who run food tours in my name (like the amazing Liv).

All BFS content is produced by myself be it photography, videography or written texts. The same applies to my Instagram.

The Berlin food recommendations on BFS are as independent as it gets. Restaurants can not influence their visibility on the site or the social media platforms. They can’t buy listings, ads, blog articles or Instagram posts. I have a policy of not accepting invitations from restaurants that I haven’t visited before, of paying for my own meals, and visiting restaurants anonymously by booking in false names. I also don’t go to opening parties or restaurant blogger events. Sometimes, circumstances lead to exceptions to these policies but they are rare and in those cases I try to be transparent about it. The only way restaurants can pay me is by buying ads for open job positions

The process behind picture and text content on Berlin Food Stories is as follows: First I hear or read about a restaurant, then I put it on a list and a map. After that I will visit the restaurant whenever I get the chance. When I do visit and find the experience interesting, I’ll post something on Instagram. If it’s exceptionally interesting, I’ll return for a second meal. And then, if I really love it I’ll contact the restaurant, ask for an interview and a photo shoot and then I’ll write an article on

Earlier this year I decided to pause the Berlin Food Digest newsletter which was my monthly rundown of the food scene with all the most relevant openings, closings and gossip. I also had to pause the weekly food event roundup summerising all the week’s best food happenings on a Monday from Facebook and Instagram. Despite the popularity of these formats, I had to pause them to free up resources for scaling the BFS Berlin Food Tour and recruiting side of the business. As I started focusing on those two, I also started saying no to a lot of non-premium brand collaborations that interfered with the quality ambition of BFS (food, supermarkets etc.) and focused instead on building co-operations with a few selected, premium partners that I actually believe to be relevant for my audience.

When I paused the Digest, I received an outpouring of love and support from readers which has lead to me set up this post and this campaign. I’ve listened to your feedback and am now officially offering the possibility to support my work: Via my Ko-Fi page you can now ‘buy me a pizza’ (you know how much I love pizza) for 5€ and if enough people are open to supporting me with a 5€ monthly payment then my plan is to bring back the Berlin Food Digest and weekly event roundups by employing someone to help me do it. Proceeds from Ko-Fi will also go into hiring more people.


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