Kadeau meets Ernst

Sep 17th, 2018


Forget regular. NEU is everything but regular. NEU is not about foie gras and truffles, not about Michelin stars and tweezer cooking – it’s about the coolest chefs on the planet right now getting together and creating something that’s never been done before.

For our third edition of NEU Dinners on Tuesday, October 2nd 2018, we’re proud to present our most boundary-pushing collaboration so far. For the very first time ever, and for one night only, two of Europe’s most prolific young restaurateurs will join forces in Berlin to cook their hearts out. Straight out of Denmark, we are flying in all the infamous Nordic young guns from “Kadeau“,  both the mother restaurant from the island of Bornholm, lead by Nicolai Norregaard, as well as the Copenhagen branch, led by Kyumin Hahn. In Berlin they will meet their match up in the district of Wedding, where one of Germany’s most talked about restaurants will be waiting for them: Contemporary dining trailblazer “Ernst“, the fierce crew of young food prodigies led by Dylan Watson-Brawn. Two restaurant projects with the same inability to compromise when it comes to ingredients and cooking techniques and who share a profound understanding on how to work hand in hand with producers.

For this third (and last) edition of NEU in 2018 we sought out a special location close to the water in order to make our guests from the North feel like they’re at home. Our dear friends from the Cookies Events are letting us into their magnificent Studio C waterfront venue at the Rummelsburg, a spectacular location right by the Spree. On October 2nd, 70 guests will witness the fruits of this unique, culinary collaboration while the first autumn sun sets over the water. The beverage pairing for the evening will be overseen by head sommelier Christoph Geyler from Ernst and will be a reflection of the wine philosophy from both restaurants.

We’re also proud to partner with Zacapa Rum for this edition of NEU who will take care of the digestif part of the dinner in form of a flight of their exclusive rums. We’re also thrilled, with the help of Zacapa, to have renowned Berlin artist Kristiane Kegelmann who will create an edible sculpture for the digestif.  Thanks also to our friends from AirBNB for helping us host our guest chefs like locals.


Tickets for this dinner is 250€ including a full beverage pairing. Get yours HERE:


Nicolai Nørregard, Kadeau (Bornholm, Denmark) & Kyumin Hahn, Kadeau (Copenhagen. Denmark)
Dylan Watson-Brawn, ernst (Berlin, Germany)

In the spirit of these two restaurants, please welcome all participating chefs:

Corey Hess (Kadeau)
Tom Nevati (Kadeau)
Spencer Christenson (ernst)
Paul Klein (ernst)
Tobias Beck (ernst)

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NEU Dinners is an experimental dinner series that brings the world’s greatest chefs to Berlin to pair them with local chefs for a night of creatively unhinged cooking. Every NEU dinner is an eclectic synergy of different cooking styles and influences, where dishes are conceived in complete collaboration and where recreating dishes from existing restaurant menus is forbidden. Instead NEU provides a blank canvas, upon which a unique menu is born for one night only, not to be experienced anywhere else in the world, ever again.

NEU was conceived as a means of creative outlet for Berlin’s exploding food scene by Arlene Stein (Terroir Talks) and Per Meurling (Berlin Food Stories), the two brains behind the Chef’s Symposium Terroir Berlin. Staged in some of Berlin’s most exhilarating venues, NEU Dinners facilitate never-seen-before culinary collaborations and the resulting meals push the envelope for both chefs and guests alike. It’s experimental. It’s wild. It’s highly entertaining. Ultimately it’s a glimpse into the future of Berlin gastronomy.

Kadeau Bornholm (photo by Anders Husa)
Kadeau Copenhagen (photo by Anders Husa)

Ernst Berlin Bell

Ernst Berlin Shishito Peppers