The Long Overdue Issue

Mar 28th, 2018

Dear Reader,

Sorry for going quiet on you. We’ve been head-over-heels immersed in our very first NEU Dinner which dropped a gastronomic bomb on Berlin in the shape of a once-in-a-lifetime dinner at La Mifa Restaurant.
Apart from that, the start of 2018 has been a bumpy ride for food in Berlin I’m afraid. There’s a lot restructuring going on and we’ve lost a lot of great eating and drinking institutions as a result. BUT – there are little buds of hope springing up all over town, and for every sad closure there’s at least one great opening somewhere else. So here’s to Berlin’s bright new restaurant future, and to all its new projects. AND TO SPRING good lord, please!!

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Grand Tang Xi Yu Berlin

TOKI – The White Rabbit
This plant-based eatery on Kantstr. is the newest brainchild of Berlin restaurant king, Duc Ngo. Will he show us what a great health food eatery should be about? I have high hopes.

Promising “new Israeli food with a twist”, MontRaw on Prenzlauer Berg’s Straßburger Str. mixes everything in to create a Mediterranean fusion menu in a very stylish venue. First impression? Mixed feelings.

Berlin’s very own restaurant tortoise packed up and left its Mitte home last year to move westwards to Mommsenstr. Let’s see if the new location maintains what was, previously, a high-end operation with some solid cooking.

Hurrah! Berlin’s fermentation maestro, Markus Shimizu, has set up shop selling his own small-batch, artisanal miso, soy sauce, koji, tempeh and natto products which he makes right here in Berlin. Trust me when I say these are brilliant. Check him out on on Stephanstr.

The Dawg
Fresh from Michelin-star glory, Golvet‘s Björn Swanson has opened up a gourmet hot dog store inside Bikini Berlin. Alongside classic ‘dawgs’, Swanson’s menu also includes one option with an octopus sausage and the “Kim Jong Dawg”, which combines kimchi, coriander and soy mayo with a duck sausage.

Grand Tang Xi Yu
The one small silver lining of Imbiss 204‘s departure is the new Chinese joint that’s just opened in its place. Whilst we might all still weep for the bullettens of yesteryear the handmade noodles and Northern Chinese dishes at Xi Yu are SERIOUSLY good!

If there’s one thing certain to cheer me up it’s news of a new omakase restaurant just off Torstraße, decorated in the style of a traditional Japanese teahouse. It’s a gift to the city from the same chef/owner as Shiori and I’m already excited by the Chuka Ryori menu.


CLOSING! (Part 1)
Oh god, so much sad news. Industry Standard is permanently closed as some serious management bust ups left the project in financial peril. Elsewhere, Cordobar‘s legendary Austrian sommelier, Willi Schlögl, has popped his last cork and handed over the position to a successor.

CLOSING! (Part 2)
And the bad news continues with confirmed reports that Buns Mobile are leaving Berlin for good; gelato goddess Anna Durkes has closed her doors permanently; and Briefmarken Weine will be sold to new owners. Let’s hope with the latter that the spirit of the best Italian wine bar is kept alive. Cheers to all these fine food people and thanks for all the food and drink you’ve served me throughout the years.

The recent news that the Weltrestaurant in the Markthalle Neun will change its owners is, in my opinion, not the worst we’ve heard. Especially if the MH9 owners oversee the new concept.

Andrea Iannicella (former sous chef of Dottir) is now head chef at Hermann’s on Torstr. That’s one spring menu I’m excited to sampling.

The Future Breakfast
As of the end of this month these guys will be fully operational on Neukölln’s Böhmische Str. cooking breakfasts strongly influenced by the Australian coffee culture and culinary scene.

St Bess
Good news for Wedding’s pizza fans! Opening on Sprengelstr. this month is this new joint serving small plates and pizzas in the style of contemporary Californian cuisine. Word on the street is the dough is cold fermented for two days before hitting the wood-burning oven.


March/April 2018

Thursday 29th March: Pair featuring I’m a Kombo at The Michelberger Restaurant
Sunday 1st April: Holy Geist! Easter Extravaganza at Geist im Glas
Monday 9th April: Wir brauchen dringend Personal! by The Food Entrepreneurs Club
Tuesday 10th April: La Mirande chez La Mifa at La Mifa Restaurant

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