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The ultimate birthday party

Jul 14th, 2017

Hard to believe, but the one-time passion project, now full-time operation that is the Berlin Food Stories blog, turned five years old this month. And to celebrate the long road travelled since Per made those first few top lists back in 2012, as well as the launch of our Berlin’s Top 50 Eateries 2017 list, we decided to celebrate by throwing one of the biggest and best food party Berlin had ever seen. Looking at the spectacularly good-looking guests, incredible food and drinks as well as perfect summer setting, we’re pretty confident we achieved our mission as well.

“…the only dark and stormy forecast for the evening came from the drinks, not the weather”

Hosted on Khwan’s outdoor terrace (and awesome spot for a summer sundowner), we paired up with our friends (and curated event experts) at R.S.V.P to put together an evening, the likes of which will never be seen again. Our Berlin served up Ginseng cocktails made with oak-infused vodka, Drink Naked kept their incredible natural wines flowing, and Don Papa rum paired up with Thomas Henry’s Spicy Ginger to make sure the only Dark and Stormy forecast for the evening was in our glasses, not the weather.

“The answer turned out to be one of the slickest, beautiful and most wonderfully in tune food collaborations this city has ever seen”

The biggest question in the run up to the event was who the hell do we ask (beg?) to cook at an event all of Berlin’s food Illuminati would be attending? The answer turned out to be one of the slickest, beautiful and most wonderfully in-tune food collaborations this city has ever seen. Step forward Dalad Khambu from Kin Dee and Khwan’s Daniel Lambert, who put their brilliant food minds together to deliver a knock-out Thai menu featuring delicious dishes such as Isaan sausage with smoked ginger, fresh oysters with Kin Dee’s special seafood sauce and turmeric chicken with cucumber salad – all grilled to perfection on Khwan’s formidable BBQs.

And later on, with the delicious smoky Thai flavours still clinging to our taste buds, Mrs. Robinson’s stepped up to the pass and gifted the whole party their infamous deep-fried baos bursting with Valrhona chocolate ice cream. They were the perfect late-night finish. I had 5.

This event was special to us, not least because it was the perfect interpretation of what Berlin Food Stories is all about: bringing Berlin’s best restaurants together in one space to share, and learn, and celebrate. The question on everybody’s lips at the end of the evening was: “well what about the next 5 years?” and of them we can only hope to carry on the way we have. With the recent success of Terroir Berlin still ringing in our ears, as well as Per’s Eater guide to the Hottest Restaurants in Berlin, Spreeradio slot, AND the upcoming launch of Finest Food Stories just around the corner, what we can say is we’re pretty damn excited by the shape of things to come.



Birthday party menu

Khwan x Kin Dee Oysters Berlin

Fresh, grilled oysters with Kin Dee seafood sauce

Khwan x Kin Dee Tumeric Chicken

Grilled turmeric chicken

Mrs Robinson's bao Berlin

Mrs Robinson’s legendary deep-fried bao

Don Papa x Thomas Henry

Our Berlin Ginseng Vodka

Our Berlin

Khwan Berlin Birthday

Jaja wines Berlin

Dalad Khambu Kin Dee Berlin

Daniel lambert Khwan Berlin

Per and Yafo Berlin

Birthday party berlin

Craft & Smoke Berlin

Dylan Ernst Berlin

Birthday party

Birthday party Berlin Food Stories

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