Berlin Food Digest #5

restaurant opening frenzy

Feb 9th, 2016

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The year has only just begun and there is already a lot to talk about. First of all there are more restaurants opening in Berlin right now than anyone can keep track off. WHO’S SUPPOSED TO EAT ALL OF IT? Well, I’m trying hard.

NEWS is famous for its city heat maps that visualize the hottest restaurants right now in any given city. Eater asked me to update their Berlin heat map with the 10 hottest restaurant and 3 hottest bar openings of 2015 and you can see the result here.

During a lengthy project that stretched across 2015 I managed to convince the BBC to come to Berlin and film an episode of Rick Stein’s new show “Rick’s long weekends”. During the last week of January we filmed an epic episode at locations like Nobelhart & Schmutzig, La Soupe Populaire and many more. The Berlin episode airs in April on BBC2.

The new articles on the blog tell the stories of new Ramen eatery Takumi Nine, the best Neapolitan style pizza in Berlin, the iconic Austrian wine bar Cordobar, the Kreuzberg burger shack Burgermeister, the Mexican taceria Tin Tan and the contemporary Nordic restaurant Dóttir. All meals that you should at some point treat yourself to.

And I’ll finish with a secret: Industry Standard serves one of the best weekend brunches in town. And it’s not busy at all. Yet.


The Kuchi crew belongs to the most successful restaurant group in Berlin and their newest opening on Kantstraße hascreated quite som buzz. Madame Ngo is a beautiful (proper Hanoi vibes!) Brasserie where Vietnamese and French cuisine are served next to each other. Visited and had a delicious Pho with paper thin, raw strips of Beef and an rather dull and overpriced Banh Mi baguette. Like it. But the prices are stupid. West Berlin doesn’t care.

Our beloved burger institution Burgermeister finally listened to us and opened a second, proper shop in Kreuzberg right on Kotti. See you there on a Friday after hour.

January is all about expanding empires. The crew behind Katz Orange and the Contemporary Food Lab opened their deli and delikatessen Candy on Bone on Maybachufer right next to Defne. I visited it and while I looked for a place to sit I ate a pretty good/decent pulled pork sandwich and slurped on a fantastic chicken soup. A place with potential. And a lovely food shop next door.

The SOHO house finally opened their Italian food concept Cecconi in the left basement of the Berlin house, right across from The Store. Swing by this place for tasty Italian food where the crowd and the prices will eliminate any need to go to London and spend sick cash. Just stay and eat 30€ lobster pasta right here

You’ll have to travel up to Northern Prenzlauer Berg to try some of the freshest hummus and Shakshuka in Berlin.

You’ll have to travel up to Northern Prenzlauer Berg to try some of the freshest hummus and Shakshuka in Berlin. Newly opened Kanaan is the joint venture of a Palestinian chef and an Israeli chef and while the location setup is still a bit strange, the food is very promising.

O61 is the name of a new restaurant and bar on the corner of Oderberger and Choriner. Despite the slightly odd venue and vibe, this place actually serves totally decent burgers. When it opens again, they just had a fire in the kitchen and they are cleaning the place up right now.

Herz & Niere just got some serious competition by their new neighbour Tulus Lotrek. Can’t say I wasn’t slightly confused by the fact that the waitress wore the wallpaper as a dress, but then again, who am I to judge that. Contemporary food, casual vibe, slightly too complicated for their own good, in the end still pretty promising. I’ll come back.

“…and apart from serving bloody tasty Eggs Benedict, the staff is also extraordinarily friendly”

Everybody wants to own a restaurant nowadays and this also applies to the crew behind the Odessa bar. Tucholsky is the new and old name of the restaurant on Torstraße and the new owners refurbished the old space to serve classic, German dishes like roulade and schnitzel. I checked it out and expected more from the food. Very basic German.

The Peruvian wave has reached Moabit and under the name of Naninka the loveliest Peruvian-Austrian family are serving their ceviches and causas. On a first visit it didn’t reach the levels of Chicha and it was also slightly overpriced. Still a promising addition to the Arminiusmarkthalle.

There is a new brunch spot in Prenzlauer Berg called Allan’s Breakfast Club and apart from serving bloody tasty Eggs Benedict, the staff is also extraordinarily friendly. Surely just a phase. I’ll find something negative about this place eventually.

One-star eatery Pauly Saal got a new chef this summer and he’s rebuilt the whole menu. There are glimpses of brilliance in his food and the freshness of the seafood-heavy menu is intriguing. Looking forward to seeing this place developing. My secret tip: The attached Pauly Saal bar not only serves spectacular cocktails, but you can also order an amazing little plate of steak and mash from the kitchen. No reservations needed.


The semi-famous pop up dinner series Pret a Diner is returning to Berlin and from February 9th to the 21st in collaboration with Peruvian-inspired restaurant Pachamama in the venue of an old mill in Mitte.

The food programme of the Berlinale is once again organizing a street food fair and this year around it’s the Markthalle Neun who’s running it. Expect classics like Big Stuff BBQ and Heisser Hobel but also a unique collaboration between an Italian chef and two chefs from Damaskus.


La Soupe Populaire will close for six whole months due to renovation some time in April. No details know about what’s going to happen with the restaurant.

Industry Standard will, in the next two months, open their wine bar ‘Wild Things” on the same block

The Kushi crew is planning to open a high end sushi place on Kantstraße. Like serious high end.

There is a new Austrian place in the plans for the Arminiusmarkthalle called “Habe die Ehre”



Rick Stein Berlin
Rick Stein enjoying the delights of a Currywurst
Cecchoni Berlin
Pasta Bolognese at Cecconi

Takumi Nine Berlin Sapporo MIso Ramen

Zola Berlin Pizza Mozzarella

Tin Tan Berlin Mexican Food

Dottir Berlin Outside Venue_

Burgermeister Berlin Cheeseburger

Cordobar Berlin Desserts