Berlin Michelin Stars 2016

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Nov 12th, 2015

The Guide Michelin 2016 for Germany was released today and Berlin once again proved to be the number one city in Germany when it comes to fine dining. With the new edition of the Guide, Berlin now officially has one additional two-star restaurant and five new one-star restaurants.

This brings the total number of German Michelin star restaurants to 290 establishments

As controversial of a topic the Michelin guide always is in Berlin, you can’t deny the importance it still plays for the fine dining vertical. The stars are financial make-it-or-break-it material and Berlin restaurant owners are very aware of that. That’s why it’s also a massive happening for the food destination Berlin when a shower of Michelin stars rains upon the city.

The 2016 edition of the German Michelin Guide, also known as the Guide Rouge, awarded a total number of 26 new one-star restaurants, 4 new two-star restaurants and one new three-star restaurant. This brings the total number of German Michelin star restaurants to 290 establishments. There is one noteworthy new three star restaurant in Hamburg with the modern and minimalistic eatery “The Table Kevin Fehling” and together with a couple of unexpected stars in Berlin, this signals how the guide might just become a bit more open to new restaurant concepts that fall out of the framework of the classic, German fine dining institution.

When it comes to Berlin, this year’s clear winner of the star race resides at the Paul-Linke-Ufer and is called Sebastian Frank

When it comes to Berlin, this year’s clear winner of the star race resides at the Paul-Linke-Ufer and is called Sebastian Frank. For his restaurant Horvath he was awarded his second star this year, making him part of a very elite group of Berlin restaurants. This is a tremendous achievement, getting one star is one thing but getting your second is strategy and execution on a whole new level. Berlin was further awarded with a staggering amount of five new one-star restaurants, including a couple of surprises like Stephan Garkirch’s Bieberbau in Schöneberg and Markus Semmler in Charlottenburg. Kreuzberg was also awarded a couple of new stars, Hans Richard’s restaurant Richard on Köpenicker Straße is one of them and his French-inspired modern eatery has been in line for a star for a while now. Very noteworthy is the fact that Billy Wagner’s and Micha Schäfer’s Nobelhart & Schmutzig received a star during their very first year of operating. Very happy for these two, especially since their modern and groundbreaking style, with their minimalistic Nordic food concept, by no means was guaranteed to get a stamp of approval by the the Michelin inspectors. Last, but really not least, I’m very happy to see one of my favourite fine dining restaurants make it to the elite circle of star establishments: Bandol Sur Mer in Mitte, the tiny little modern French restaurant, has after more then 6 years of operations finally been awarded its first star and I think that’s very well deserved.

The thing that remains to be seen now is if currently rather well-priced restaurants like Richard, Nobelhart & Schmutzig and Bandol Sur Mer get caught in the Michelin star hamster wheel where prices are hiked and the joy of cooking is lost. I’m not particularly worried with these chefs, but then again they have just entered a whole new league of their trade, whether they like it or not. In the end this means that Berlin now has 20 star establishments and a total number of 26 stars, but, like every year, still lacks a restaurant in the the top three-star class.

Full list:

2 stars **

Fischers Fritz | Lohse, Christian
Lorenz Adlon | Otto, Hendrik
Reinstoff  | Achilles, Daniel
Tim Raue | Raue, Tim
FACIL | Kempf, Michael
Horváth | Frank, Sebastian

1 star *

Frühsammers| Frühsammer, Sonja
First Floor | Diether, Matthias
Hugos | Kammeier, Thomas
Rutz | Müller, Marco
VAU | Kleeberg, Kolja
Les Solistes | Lintermann, Roel
5 – cinco by Paco Pérez | Pérez, Paco
Pauly Saal | Anka, Arne
SKYKITCHEN flavored by a.choice | Koppe, Alexander
Nobelhart & Schmutzig (new)| Schäfer, Micha
Bandol Sur Mer (new) | Saul, Andreas
Bieberbau (new) | Garkisch, Stephan
Markus Semmler (new) | Semmler, Markus
Richard (new) | Richard, Hans


Berlin Michelin Stars 2016
Berlin Michelin Stars 2016


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