Berlin Food Digest #2

autumn eating

Nov 3rd, 2015

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It’s been two weeks of intense eating in the most beautiful autumn season I’ve seen in Berlin for years. Autumn always marks a getting-back-to-business vibe and after having sorted out the last bugs of the new site it’s all about eating and writing.

I’ve been frantically researching restaurant in categories like BBQ, Burgers and Sushi in order to fill up the missing slots in my top lists and I’m a couple of steps closer to publishing these, stay tuned for that.

Check below for a summary on all my recent discoveries, revisited restaurants and some of the more interesting restaurant openings of the last weeks.


When it comes to discoveries, I’m very glad I followed up on a lead on a Döner Kebab in Wedding. Pamfilya on Leopoldplatz is all they say and more, a classic Turkish Ocakbasi with a very good Döner and some of the best Ayran I’ve had. Definitely one for the top list, just need to make up my mind on which spot.

I further had the unique opportunity to hang out a day in with two star chef Daniel Achilles from Reinstoff at this restaurant. I was impressed to see chef Achilles, who despite his relative seniority, takes part in prepping and also cooks on the line with this team.

If you feel like getting out of the city I can recommend a walk in the woods around Köpenick followed by a hearty, Bavarian meal at Waschhaus in the lovely centre of Alt Köpenick. Proper small town feeling and all reachable by S-Bahn.


Last Friday, on October 30th, the crew from The Store Kitchen opened up their kitchen for the first evening service ever in the form of a collaboration with Carousel London. The formidable and very simple food was a good indicator on what we an expect from this very promising restaurant and I’m pretty damn excited about this opening.

Hilda reminded me to go back to the Udon Kobo Ishin and have me some of the lovely Japanese Udon from their giant sized bowls. Also tried their Tonkatsu and Karaage, the Katsu was decent but the Karaage not great. Need to write a review about this place.

I was missing some nice snapshots of Omoni and took the chance for a revisit. Still Berlin’s best sushi? Hells yes, by a mile I would say, especially when Sasaya is slipping like they have been.

Dropped in to Asia Deli for a Chinese feast and this place is what it is. Cheap and simple Hunan food with the occasional glimpse of brilliance. Definitely also deserves a review.


To my despair Hanage, the home of Japanese Okonomiyaki pancakes and supreme fried chicken Karaage, has closed down. Rumor says they are looking for a new spot. Let’s hope it’s true.


Last week marked the opening of one of the most exciting food projects of this fall and by that I mean the opening of Kumpel & Keule, the new butcher in the Markthalle Neun. Not only can you watch butchermeister Jörg and his crew live in action behind the glass front, the guys will also fry up the freshly made sausages for you and serve it with a piece of Sironi bread and some mustard. And I can tell you, these bangers are indeed banging. Kumpel & Keule is a massively exciting project and definitely one to watch.

Apparently there is a new and third Arirang restaurant in Friedrichshain on Warschauer Straße. The big question remains unresolved – is it as good as the other temples in Charlottenburg and Kreuzberg, aka my sanctuaries of serious, Korean feasting?

Peruvian street food hero Chicha opened up a restaurant in Kreuzkölln on Friedelstraße a month ago and after one visit this place is already putting massive smiles on my face. Promising.

Co-working spaces seem to be the new black, first the Contemporary Food Lab opened up a new weekday lunch location called the CFL Canteen in “the workspace” in Kreuzberg.

Then a brand new space called Unicorn opened up on Brunnenstraße, one part café and one part co-working space. In what used to be the King Kong club you can now work in a completely renovated venue and stay fed and hydrated with a wide selection of vegan health food and juices.

Rosa Lisbert is a newish French eatery in the Arminiusmarkthalle with a focus on Flammkuchen and other goodies from the Alsace region. My first visit proved to be quite the delicious encounter with a pork belly and sauerkraut Flammkuchen and I shall be returning very soon.

Right across from Rosa Lisbert I could observe some frantic construction activities around a place called “Cebiche” and it seems like the Markthalle in Moabit is about the get its share of the Peruvian food trend.

I found a KILLER sandwich at Twinpigs on Boddinstraße in Neukölln. Turns out that this is not only a damn fine bar but that they also have a Chilean chef putting together some great bar food. The pulled pork version I had was served on Sironi bread and made me dream of more.

Hummus and Friends has been open for a couple of weeks now and during a visit it occured to me how damn tidy and hip Oranienburger Straße is becoming. Seems like all British stag nights have been shipped of to Kreuzberg. Anyways, this place is interesting. Hummus is solid and I really like their baked cauliflower for 5€.

In the Heckmann Höfe in Mitte, right across from the old C/O, Restaurant Ross just opened with some modern German food in the finer dining spectrum. Haven’t been yet, but the venue is beautiful and the first reviews promising.


Palmfilya Berlin Doner
The Döner at Palmfilya
Asia Deli Leftovers
Leftovers after an Asia Deli feast
Massive breakfast platters at California Breakfast Slam
Cheese Berlin 2015
Exercising Gözleme magic at Güllü Lahmacun
Live butchering at Kumpel & Keule by Meister Jörg
Sausages at Kumpel & Keule
Reinstoff Berlin Daniel Achilles
Daniel Achilles from Reinstoff
Reinstoff Berlin Kitchen
Mise en place prepping at Reinstoff
Young customers at Rosa Lisbert
Smart Deli Berlin Cat
Smart Deli
Potatoes with sourcream at The Store Kitchen
The Twinpigs Sandwich
Big ass bowls at Udon Kobo Ishin
Autumn excursion to Köpenick
Turkish Market
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