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The Pit

Texas Beef BBQ Pop Up

Jun 11th, 2015

EDIT: The Pit is permanently closed.

The Pit BBQ pop up is the newest addition to the Berlin BBQ scene. Serving an insane Texas style BBQ Wagyu brisket, The Pit founder Adam Ramirez is on the verge of becoming one of Berlin’s most famous BBQ pitmasters.

EDIT: Since this article was originally written, I’m very happy to say that The Pit has a new, permanent home. You’ll find its address to the right.

The U.S. American BBQ scene in Berlin has been booming ever since the pioneers from Big Stuff in Markthalle Neun kicked off their smoking operations. Berlin’s hunger for smoked meats is insatiable and today BBQ fans can choose between Memphis-style pork ribs at Chicago Williams in Mitte or some Alabama dry rub pork at Pignut in Moabit, all class A eateries. Since a couple of months ago Berlin has a new addition to the BBQ scene with The Pit, a Texas style BBQ pop, which is all about beef and which differs significantly from the BBQ we have in Berlin at the moment.

The man behind The Pit is Adam Ramirez. Adam is the real Texas deal and like so many other, culinary entrepreneurs roaming the city he has no formal background within cooking. He just loves good food. Germany has been his home for the last 10 years and he worked many years in the Berlin tech scene before he started experimenting with smoked meats. With the time his experiments became pretty damn tasty upon the request of his friends and family he eventually decided to pursue his dream of bringing proper, Texas BBQ in Berlin.

“The brisket from The Pit is in my opinion the best BBQ brisket in Berlin right now”

You’ll find pit master Adam dishing out plates of meats to hungry guests on different locations through Berlin. Be sure to check out his next location on his facebook and webb page. Adam’s menu is simple and very straightforward, the main items are beef brisket and ribs, which smokes in his smokehouse out in Britz. The ribs need around 8-10 hours in the smoker that’s fired with oak, the brisket up to 18 hours, all depending on the at percentage of the meat. And fat is definitely something Adam’s meat doesn’t lack, because he uses Wagyu beef imported from the U.S., a type of meat with ridiculous quality and fat marbling. The result? Incredibly rich and juicy BBQ that literally melts in your mouth. The star of Adam’s show is definitely the brisket, the thick slices are perfectly cooked and the long smoking process has charred the outside pitch black and coloured the meat in different shades of red, ranging from dark red in the outer layers to a lighter red in the center.

“Incredibly rich and juicy BBQ meat that literally melts in your mouth”

The ribs are also fantastic, sliding off the bone with the slightest touch, but the brisket stands out in terms of quality. With the BBQ Adam serves a fresh cole slaw and you can also use his home-made BBQ sauce to dip the meat. In my opinion that is entirely unnecessary, the meat doesn’t need any sauce and this particular sauce, although being home-made, really isn’t anything special. There are also usually some specials on the menu in the form of chicken and pork, which don’t match the beef BBQ in terms of quality but never the less pose a nice and light alternative to the pretty intense beef. If in any way possible, I would recommend saving some space for Adam’s delicious cheese cake. You won’t regret it.

The Pit is probably the most intense BBQ experience you can have in Berlin right now, the meat is stunningly addictive and if you never had Texas style BBQ before, this might just redefine your perception of the whole cooking style. The brisket from The Pit is in my opinion the best BBQ brisket in Berlin right now. Traditional, Texas BBQ masters probably wouldn’t approve of Adam using Wagyu beef over U.S. Prime, but the result speaks for itself. Adam does also cater at events and I’m hoping he’ll eventually move to a permanent location.