Schlachtfest Lamb Edition

An hommage to the lamb

Jun 9th, 2015

It’s time for the third edition of the now well known Berlin Schlachtfest series and this time its all about the lamb. In a collaboration with the Müritzhof lamb producer, the Schlachtfest team once again invites 50 guests to an exclusive feast in the Markthalle Neun. For the lamb edition we can be extra excited as the soon to launch Peruvian restaurant Chicha Berlin joins the project as a new chef’s crew.

Having previously paid homage to the cow and the pig, it is now time for the third edition of the Schlachtfest, which is dedicated to the lamb. With both of the previous events being tremendously successful, the organizers have added the crew from Chicha Berlin to the project and their Peruvian chef will be cooking up a very promising, Peruvian lamb curry at on of the stations. The lambs for the Schlachtfest have been sourced from the farm Müritzhof am See, a fully certified bio-farm which are raising the unique variety of Müritz-lamb in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, just 150 km North East of Berlin. The Müritz-lamb  The farm has about 500 sheep at any given time and the current owners have been running the farm since 2013. The sheep on this farm, a mix between Texel and Schwarzkopf, live an exceptional life and graze on the spectacularly beautiful lands that surround the farm. They eat moorland grass, ecological and native grains from the farm and occasionally bi-products from the production of a local brewery. Nothing else. And they are slaughtered with a lot care, in a process where everything is done to keep the animals calm and reduce stress levels. After the slaughter the animals are hanged for 30 days to tenderize and dry the meat. Along with the sheep herds, the farm also has a great vegetable field where the skilled gardener grows wonderful stuff without using any pesticides or artificial fertilizer.

Schlachtfest is a culinary celebration in it’s purest form. Each dinner-party in the series will focus on one single animal that has been raised, sourced and slaughtered in Brandenburg to the highest quality standards. By inviting a unique mix of talented Berlin chefs to prepare the animal from nose to tail, guests will be taken on a unique journey from farm to table where the lives of the animals will be honoured by letting nothing to go to waist, just like back in the days when slaughtering an animal was a rare and very special occasion. The Schlachtfest and the people behind the project aim to promote awareness and quality meat consumption in times where there is a serious disconnect between consumer and producer and where the industrialization of agriculture has had a serious impact on the quality of the meat on our plates.

As for the previous events, the beautiful Markthalle Neun will only be open for Schlachtfest guests that night and there will be a fantastic bar with great cocktails and plenty of cold Heidenpeters beer that has been brewed in the cellar.

The menu (see details below) followed by the party is 48€ and you need to buy your tickets in advance.

Tickets can be purchased here:
TICKET SALES CLOSED! Stay tuned for the next edition of the Schlachtfest.

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WHEN Saturday Jul 13th
WHERE Markthalle Neun, Eisenbahnstrasse 42/43 – Pücklerstrasse 34
ENTRANCE 48€/ticket (food & party, not including beverages)

Sausage & Leberwurst

Seco de Cordero!
Peruvian Lamb Curry with aji amarillo and coriander

Korean Taco Spread
Homemade Corn Tortillas, Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder and Belly, Kim-Chi Relish, Garden Surprise, Crème Fraiche, Doenjang Sauce, Habanero, Nori

Toast baked in lamb fat, grilled lamb heart and parsley/koriander salad
Knödel of head & tongue
Hungarian bean salad with scheaptúró
Whole roasted leg of lamb marinated with greek oregano and juniper berry’s










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