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May 19th, 2015

Djimalaya is an Israeli restaurant in Northern Mitte with a lovely menu full of hummus, grilled meats and salads. Being the perfect place for a healthy but yet supremely delicious meal, this place is getting better by the day and has developed into a prime hummus hot spot.

“DJIMALAYA!” is (apparently) the word Israeli scouts scream during summer camp before dinner is served. It’s also an Israeli restaurant in Mitte that opened it’s doors in the summer of 2013. I’m not really sure what exactly owner Ofer Melech had in mind when naming his restaurant, but that’s also not really the point of this story. Ofer Melech is an Israeli architect turned restaurateur who fell in love with Berlin in the 90’s during a student exchange. In the mid 2000’s he ventured more and more into food , started catering movie productions with this hummus creations and with the opening of Djimalaya in Northern Mitte in 2013 he finally realized his dream of a proper restaurant. Tucked in right between Tommis Burger Joint and REWE, Ofer’s head chef Beverly Edwards is in charge of the Djimalaya kitchen that whips out a variety of fresh and healthy Israeli food.

During my visits in the recent months I’ve witnessed a strong development though

I visited Djimalaya a couple of times after the opening, at that time I thought it to be pretty good, but it didn’t impress me to an extent that I considered the place for a blog post. During my visits in the recent months I’ve witnessed a strong development though and Djimalaya has slowly developed into one of my favourite, Israeli eateries in Berlin. Operating out of a cosy venue with over 50 seats, Djimalaya offers a menu that is all about hummus and grilled meats. The philosophy behind the food is simple, owner Ofer wants to offer authentic and healthy Israeli food that’s delicious and he’s definitely on track to achieve that. The menu is a veritable heaven for everybody who’s looking for healthy yet tasty meal and something tells me this is a rather large target group these days. Hummus, the famous chickpea dish, is served in tons of varieties, order it with mushrooms, veggies, more chickpeas or as a Schackschuka with tomato sauce and two eggs. I recommend going wild on this velvety but yet slightly grainy version hummus which I love, the quality is extraordinary and a serious contender for the best hummus in Berlin. Along your hummus you can order a lovely Israeli salad with tomatoes and cucumber, or why not treat yourself with the creamy aubergine dish Baba Ganoush? The one at Djimalaya is definitely worth a try.

That’s one damn good deal for Mitte

The hummus and the salads have always been good here though, the reason Djimalaya made it onto the blog you will find on the smoking hot lava grill in the kitchen. I’m talking about the exceptional grilled meats section, chef Beverly will put the meat of choice on a skewer and, just for you, grill it to crispy and succulent perfection. Highly recommended are the chicken thighs and the beef kebab, the meats are very tasty and a perfect complement to the fresh hummus and salads. And if you’re not into hummus you can just go ahead and order a portion of equally tasty sweet potato fries. All this great food will inevitably make you thirsty,  wash it all down with some lovely, homemade lemonades or get a bottle of Israeli wine.

Djimalaya’s development can be credited entirely to Ofer Melech’s hunger for perfection, he’s continuously developing and fine-tuning the restaurant and pushing his staff towards turning Djimalaya into a top restaurant. The results are very promising and the value for money at this restaurant is also very good, especially the lunch menu is highly recommendable where you get the skewer of the day with hummus or fries for 6.90€. That’s one damn good deal for Mitte. I love to eat healthy food, and in contrast to many other, outspoken healthy eateries Djimalaya also delivers damn tasty food. Vegans and meat lovers alike, this is a place for everyone to have a great meal.












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