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Mon - Sun
from 18:30
€€ - A menu is 28€
The surprise menu is usually a bit better


Italian Family Style

May 6th, 2015

EDIT:  Nudo is permanently closed.

Nudo is an Italian eatery off Görlitzer Park serving delicious, Italian meals for hungry Kreuzbergers . Come here if you’re looking for a full on, family-style Italian dinner experience and if you love sharing massive plates of great food.

You’ll find the Italian restaurant Nudo in Kreuzberg, right on Lausitzer PLatz and very close to Görlitzer Park. Nudo opened in the beginning of 2014 with a chef hailing from Goldener Hahn, the Berlin Italian institution around the corner on Pücklerstraße. Since then Nudo has built up a solid fan base in Berlin and the cosy venue fills up for dinner pretty much every day of the week.

On my last visit I had a damn good Fettucine Cacio e Pepe

The food setup at Nudo is a bit special and if you’re a control freak you might be in trouble. At Nudo you will have to surrender to the chef and the traditional, Italian way of eating. The guest has a choice between two 4-course menus, the “classic” and the “surprise”, and they both follow the traditional, Italian way of dining family-style with massive plates of antipasti, primi and secondi. The components of the classic menu are fixed, it starts with a spinach salad and a beef carpaccio followed by ravioli and entrecote and is a safe choice the kitchen has been banging out for a while now. The spinach salad with parmesan usually comes with the carpaccio and is a fresh and lovely starter,  the cuts of the carpaccio are a bit thicker than what you usually get and that adds a lovely texture to it, in comparison to come carpaccios that just seem to evaporate in your moth. The ricotta-spinach filled ravioli are home-made and coated with a lovely sage-butter sauce that you just want to lick of your knife. The entrecote comes in slices with truffle butter and oven veggies and is a solid dish except for for some unnecessary, pickled cabbage on the plate. The second “surprise” menu changes on a weekly basis and is more seasonal, you might get a burrata or soup as antipasti and a piece of fish as your secondi. On my last visit I had a damn good Fettucine Cacio e Pepe where the creamy cheese sauce coated that home-made pasta perfectly and made me eat it like there was no tomorrow. The food at Nudo is simple and honest but far from boring, classic Italian dishes are elevated with small touches while still maintaining a lot of heart and Italian integrity. This means you might find a Spanish gazpacho on the menu or you might have a mint sauce on your roast beef, all twists that most of the time make sense. The desserts have to be ordered separately and are not very special. And if the quality of the food doesn’t convince you, the prices probably will. Both menus are priced at 28€ per person and that’s really fantastic value for money.

Nudo has established itself as a new, Italian favourite in Berlin

Nudo also features a pretty sweet wine list and you have a small but well-curated selection of Italian and German bottles. Just like with the food, they encourage full experiences and the wines aren’t really available by the glass. Unless you ask nicely. Which generally will get you very far at Nudo since the staff is very lovely and helpful.

Nudo has established itself as a new, Italian favourite in Berlin and this is mostly due to very successful execution of a family-style, Italian dinner experience. This is by no means a new invention in Berlin with several, Italian restaurants having pushed the same concept for years. Many of these places however somewhat lean back on this meal concept and slack when it comes the quality of the food. Nudo doesn’t and executes the Italian meal very well, from the Aperol aperitivo you get when you sit down to the massive plates of delicious food you share family style. And while Nudo might not serve the very best Italian food in Berlin, the whole package is for sure one of the best Italian experiences you can get. Nudo is 100% Italian lifestyle and a lovely restaurant that deserves a visit.