Berlin’s Best Street Food Markets

The definitive top list

Feb 4th, 2015

The top street food markets in Berlin summarized for you with all the relevant information.

Nowadays Berlin has a lot to offer when it comes to street food, the large amount of people that have flocked to Berlin from all around the world in the last years have brought their food cultures with them and there are countless chefs just waiting for opportunities to cook. Due to legislation street food vendors are confined to appearances at events in non-public areas and this has led to street food events gaining lots of popularity across the city as they are able to offer these street food chefs a stage to perform. These are the four very best of these events and they all offer plenty of food and drink for all preferences!

1. Street Food Thursday

Street Food Thursday. The mother of all street food events in Berlin, and still the most popular one. Founded in early 2013, it was really this event series that kicked off the street food hype and has now taken a firm grip of the city’s belly. Every Thursday up to 5000 people pass through the Markthalle Neun in Kreuzberg to get their street food fix from a wide assortment of vendors selling food from all over the world. Recently even voted as one of the hottest food spots in the whole country, you can’t really do better for a Thursday after work in Berlin. The assortment of vendors changes every week with a couple of popular ones being regular visitors. The event is heavily focused on food but there are also fantastic options to quench your thirst with craft beer brewed in the cellar and spectacular wine and cocktail bars. If you leave this place hungry or thirsty it is really your own fault.
In the same venue, featuring a lot of the same vendors, you will also find the Breakfast Market, a street food market dedicated to breakfast only and which happens every third Sunday of the month. A true breakfast heaven and a must if you’re visiting Berlin!

Street Food Thursday Berlin Market

Exclusive vendors: Big Stuff BBQ, Glut & Späne Fish, Kantine Neun, Heidenpeters Craft Beer
Opening times: 17-22:00 (you will be kicked out after that)
Eisenbahnstraße 42/43
10997 Berlin

2. Bite Club

Bite Club is another Berlin street food institution that’s been around since 2013. The Bite Club event series doesn’t have a fixed location and essentially moves all around the city doing guest appearances at events like the Berlinale or the Berlin Food Week. Your bets chance chance to catch Bite Club during summer is in Kreuzberg at the Hoppetosse next to Badeschiff where they will stage regular events in 2015.  Featuring some of the city’s most popular street food vendors, Bite Club is a guarantee for a great food experience and the vendors are picked with lots of care by the organizers. The event series differs from Street Food Thursday in a way that there usually is more of a party vibe at Bite Club, with the vision of a street food party Bite Club is as much about drinks and music as it is about food and there is always a DJ spinning some nice records. As Bite Club usually goes  down on Friday evenings it is the perfect place to meet up with a group of friends to start a Berlin night with some street food, drinks and good music. If you got one of the Kreuzberg events at the Hoppetosse, you might be lucky to catch and epic sunset over the Spree. Check out their blog and Facebook page for upcoming events and locations!

Bite Club Berlin

Exclusive vendors: None really, but you will always find iconic vendors like Bunsmobile, Bar Raval and PIC NIC 34 here
Opening times: Depends on the event, most of them run on Friday evenings
Summer location:
Hoppetosse by Badeschiff
Eichenstrasse 4

3. Neue Heimat

UPDATE September 2015: Neue Heimat is closed until further notice due to a crackdown by authorities.
Neue Heimat is the new kid on the block when it comes the street food venues and with its killer location in an old, abandoned warehouse complex in Friedrichshain, this event offers plenty of Berlin charm. Neue Heimat opened in 2014 with the street food event Berlin Village Market on Sundays and they also host lots of other events like concerts and flea markets. In the corner of the RAW area, an abandoned train repair complex, you’ll find the old warehouse that is home to Neue Heimat. Much like Bite Club, the focus of the Neue Heimat food events is as much on drinks as on food. Every Sunday you can hang out, listen to live jazz music and enjoy food from over 15 different street food vendors. Some of the vendors will overlap from Street Food Thursday and the sheer amount of vendors will mean that there is always something good to eat. The selection of vendors is however not done with as much care as at Street Food Thursday and Bite Club and there is a slightly higher risk that you sink your teeth into something which isn’t great. The venue is spectacular though and the vibe is great, it truly incorporates that industrial Berlin charm we all love and during summer there is also plenty of space to hang out in the outside area. As an alternative to the Sunday Berlin Village Market I can also recommend the Bar & Food Night on Fridays, a party event where a couple of Berlin bars are invited to run a couple of pop-up bars in the same venue. Apart from the bars there will also be a couple of street food vendors but focus is definitely all on drinking here.

Neue Heimat Berlin 2

Exclusive vendors: None
Opening times:
Berlin Village Market: Sundays 12:00-02:00
Bar & Food Night : Fridays 18:00-04:00
Revaler Str. 99 -> it’s the RAW area, just walk all the way to the back past Astra and Cassiopaia

4. Thai Park

The Thai park in Berlin is a street food institution that has been around long before the first person in Berlin ever used the term “Street Food”. For over 20 years Berlin’s Thai families have been gathering in a park in West Berlin during summer to cook, hang out and sell their food. It’s an unique event which has exploded in popularity over the last year and nowadays Berliners from all over the city travel to Wilmersdorf to sample the best Thai food in Berlin. The concept is simple, the whole park is full of Thai ladies cooking everything from papaya salads, noodle soups and shaved ice desserts and you can buy everything directly of them. And it’s really fucking authentic, a trip to Wilmersdorf will allow you to sample dishes you’ll otherwise only find on Bangkok street food markets. On a sunny summer weekend there is really no better daytime activity then to grab a couple of friends an a blanket and then hang out at the Thai Park.

Thai Market Berlin

Exclusive vendors: All of them
Opening times:
Saturdays & Sundays (sometimes wekdays) during summer (meaning >18 degrees and no rain). No real opening times but it starts around 12am and ends around 8pm. Generally more food vendors on Sundays and during good weather.
Fehrbelliner Platz
10707 Berlin

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