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Order the Gözleme and the Manti

Güllü Lahmacun

homemade turkish heaven

Jan 27th, 2015

Güllü Lahmacun serves some of the freshest Turkish food in town and once you have tried their Manti you’ll be coming back for more. A true Berlin hidden gem ready to be discovered by you.

Güllü Lahmacun is one of those food joints many never would put their foot in. Shady looks, semi-shady hood (sorry Moabiters) and really not much at all that communicates a high quality food experience. Step inside and the bright neon lights will welcome you and make you feel just like that Saturday night when you stumbled into your local döner joint after the club to order that nail in the coffin döner.

The stars at Güllü are the Gözleme and the Manti, both mouth-watering and ridiculously tasty

But, dear readers, what Güllü Lahmacun lacks in charm, it sure as hell makes up in astonishingly delicious food. You can only order a couple of things at Güllü which means that you should pretty much order the whole menu. Go for it. Because it’s all fantastic. The food will be prepared a la minute in front of your eyes by a couple of lovely, Turkish ladies which means that everything you get is very fresh. Starting at the signature dish, the Lahmacun a.k.a. the Turkish pizza, a thin piece of perfect dough topped with a thin layer of minced lamb and herbs which then is filled with sallad and rolled up, you will notice that this place is just better than what you’re used to. The Lahmacun is very tasty, the dough soft and the filling a taste bomb. They are however not the reason I go to Güllü since I’ve had slightly better Lahmacun in Neukölln. The stars at Güllü are the Gözleme and the Manti, both mouth-watering and ridiculously tasty. The Gözleme a.ka. Gözis (filled, savoury dough) come in the classic varieties spinach, cheese and meat and they are all fantastic. Thin, luscious and packed with flavours these babies go directly from the pan into your mouth, you can get them all around the city but the Güllü ladies just make the best I know. Same goes for the Manti, the Turkish mini pasta dumplings, which are served on a huge plate with a big dollop of yoghurt and chili oil. This is a Turkish dish not everybody is familiar with, it’s great though and if you’ve never tries it you should pop your cherry at Güllü. Here they are executed close to perfection with a perfect balance between the meaty dumplings and the fresh sauces.

I don’t know what kind if magic the Güllü ladies are pulling off in their store

I don’t know what kind if magic the Güllü ladies are pulling off in their store, but they serve some of hands down best Turkish food I’ve had in Berlin. The quality and balance of the dishes is very different from what you get at similar food joints and for a couple of euros you’re in for a fantastic meal or snack. This place is a true hidden gem you’ll find in no guide book so make sure to keep it a secret. Just kidding, tell all your friends and the bloody Lonely Planet because these ladies deserve some customers.


Güllü Lahmacun Berlin Cooking

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