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Southern Style BBQ

Nov 18th, 2014

Pignut is one of Berlin’s finest American BBQ eateries serving Southern style BBQ out of a small hut inside the Arminius Markthalle in Moabit. If you’ve ever needed a reason to travel to Moabit, here you have it.

Pignut BBQ in the Arminius Markthalle is one of the finest examples of American food culture in Berlin. In a tiny eatery, tucked away in the back of the Moabit market hall, Pignut is slowly but very surely emerging as one of the number one reasons you should travel to Moabit. It’s by no means a new eatery, owners Chris and Mark have been serving their BBQ for about a year now. Just like its host location, the Arminius Markthalle 10 in Moabit, Pignut has been developing in the shadows of the superstar Markthalle 9 in Kreuzberg. This in spite of the fact that the Moabit version is not only larger and prettier, but also been around in it’s current, modern form much longer than it’s counterpart. You’ve always been able to eat well at the Arminiushalle, there is a fantastic pizza place next to Pignut and the German restaurant in the front serves ridiculous Cordon Bleus, made to order from scratch. If that’s enough, there is also Brewbaker craft beer serving some high quality micro brews. Pignut BBQ took the whole thing to a new level though, making the Arminius Markthalle worth a journey, regardless what part of town you call home.

The dishes are based on the creator’s old family recipes and and a lot of Southern love

The creative minds behind Pignut are Mischa Bouvier and Heather Cloud, both born in Alabama where they grew up with Southern style BBQ. When they one day ran into Christopher O’Connor two things became clear to them: A. Chris gall bladder was unnecessary (inquire about this story at the bar) and B. they had to open a BBQ eatery and spread the flavours and traditions of Southern BBQ beyond the borders of Alabama. Together with Marc Rosenfeld they created Pignut BBQ.

Tucked away behind Brewbakers bar, you will find the little hut (literally) that’s home to Moabit’s finest BBQ. It’s really more of a bar with an open kitchen area in the back and the kind of place you would expect to find on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean. There are a couple of tables set up around the hut, but it’s really the bar where you want to be and where the best vibe is.

The menu at Pignut is all about hickory smoked meats. Everything is made from scratch and carefully sourced ingredients and the dishes are based on the creator’s old family recipes and and a lot of Southern love. At Pignut the meat selection ranges between pulled pork sandwiches, ribs, smoked chicken and wings. For your sides choose between cole slaw, pickles, sweet potato fries and smoked beans. There are three BBQ sauces and all of them are homemade, which is unique when it comes to Berlin’s BBQ joints, not even Big Stuff make their own sauces. Remarkable is the Pignut white BBQ sauce which, just like in good old Alabama, is designated for the the chicken. The star of the show are undoubtedly the ribs, they differ a lot from the competition at Chicago Williams and Big Stuff as they are not drenched in sauces when you get them. Slide the meat off the bone, squirt some of the vinegar and tomato sauce on the meat and tuck into this smoky meat heaven, you will not be disappointed. The chicken and the pulled pork are equally fantastic, no crispy skins here, it’s all smoked to perfection and although the meats may look dry at a first glance, the really aren’t.

They are so outstandingly bloody delicious that I could’t possibly praise them enough, they are the icing on the meaty Pignut cake that you just want to lick all day long

And if that’s not enough, you can also order some outstanding sides at Pignut. They make a. one of the best cole slaws in town (fresh, crunchy, perfect) b. amazing sweet potato fries and c. last, but really, really not least, smoked beans. Yes, you heard it, smoked fucking beans. And don’t worry meat lovers, it’s not a vegetarian dish, the beans are ladled with pieces of pulled pork. They are so outstandingly bloody delicious that I could’t possibly praise them enough, they are the icing on the meaty Pignut cake that you just want to lick all day long. Wash it all down with lemonades or iced teas, craft beers and bourbon. Especially the craft beer selection at Pignut is outstanding with an ever changing offering of the finest brews.

Pignut is an eatery that has been upping it’s game continuously over the last year and they have been doing this to a level where they easily can compete with the city’s reigning BBQ champions Big Stuff and Chicago Williams. The location inside the market hall is exceptionally cool and on any random night you might be surprised by a piano concert accompanying the sound of yourself licking your fingers (yes, you will). Pignut is a beautiful food joint and a fantastic addition to the city’s food offering. It’s going to be very exciting to see the next move of the Pignut crew, I’m convinced that they could attract the same crowd as Big Stuff if they had a similar, more central location. Right now you’re lucky they don’t, because it means that you without any effort can secure your seat at the bar for the proper Pignut experience. See you there.






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