Berlin Michelin Stars 2015

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Nov 6th, 2014

The new Guide Michelin for Berlin and Germany for 2015 was released today, once again awarding the German restaurant scene with another record number of stars and Bib’s. Berlin itself is not awarded as generously as before with its two new one-star restaurants, while at the same time also loosing one star with the closing of Hartmanns. At the same time a record number of five restaurants are awarded with Bib Gourmands.

The 2015 edition of the German Michelin Guide aka the Guide Rouge awards 34 new one-star restaurants and 3 new two-star restaurants. This brings the total number of German Michelins star restaurants to a staggering 282 establishments. Notable is that there are no new three-star restaurants this year, leaving the number of top addresses at 11, which still puts Germany as a number two behind France though.

This year a record number of 69 restaurants in Germany were awarded with a new Bib

The interesting thing about this year’s edition is, that the guide tries to keep up with trends and, as the International Director Michael Ellis puts it, aims to reward excellent cuisine in relaxed atmospheres and especially restaurants with lower prices and an excellent value for money philosophy. The guide has a special category for this, the Bib Gourmand (Bib), and this year a record number of 69 restaurants in Germany were awarded with a new Bib. Five of those can be found in Berlin: Brasserie Lamazere, Kochu Karu, Jungbluth, 44 and Buchholz Gutshof Britz. Of those the biggest achievement for me is Kochu Karu, the Prenzlauer Berg restaurant with the unique Spanish-Korean menu concept.

She is the first female Michelin star chef in Berlin

When it comes to new Berlin Michelin stars, there is really only one notable star awarded, and that’s Sonja Frühsammer from Frühsammers out in Grunewald. Remarkable in the sense that she is the first female Michelin star chef in Berlin, breaking into a world heavily dominated by male chefs. An outstanding achievement and worth a lot of respect, during all the discussions circulating the topic right now I want to emphasize that she got her star because she is one hell of a chef, not because she is a woman. The second new star in Berlin was awarded to a.choice, the hotel restaurant of Andel’s on Landsberger Allee where head chef Alexander Koppe is in charge.

Berlin is also losing one star in this edition as Stefan Hartmann chose to close his establishment Hartmanns earlier this year.

In the end this means that Berlin now has 15 star establishments and a total number of 20 stars, but still lacking a restaurant in the the top three-star class.

Full list:

2 stars **

Fischers Fritz | Lohse, Christian
Lorenz Adlon | Otto, Hendrik
Reinstoff  | Achilles, Daniel
Tim Raue | Raue, Tim
FACIL | Kempf, Michael

1 star *

Frühsammers (new)| Frühsammer, Sonja
First Floor | Diether, Matthias
Horváth | Frank, Sebastian
Hugos | Kammeier, Thomas
Rutz | Müller, Marco
VAU | Kleeberg, Kolja
Les Solistes | Lintermann, Roel
5 – cinco by Paco Pérez | Pérez, Paco
Pauly Saal | Höpfl, Michael
a.choice (new) | Koppe, Alexander

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