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Oct 29th, 2014

Daluma is Berlin’s prime detox hangout and the place to go for the Kale shakes, Quinoa salads and Chia seed puddings. Swing by the stylish restaurant on Weinmeisterstraße to assemble your very own vegan superfood dishes.

Daluma was one of the first restaurants to bring mega-healthy New York restaurant food to Berlin with their vegan super raw food concept. But don’t worry, even if you’ve never heard of almond butter and kelp noodles before and if you rather eat your kale on Christmas markets with wieners instead of mixed in smoothies, they will still let you in.

The menu at Daluma has a focus on ridiculously healthy raw food

Since the opening in early October 2013, the young and the beautiful Mitte crowd have been flocking to Daluma for breakfast and lunch and to sit on cushions to slurp on green smoothies with superfoods like wheatgrass, acai and moringa. The beautiful purist venue suits the food concept well and the small, elevated wooden terrace in front of the restaurant offers the possibility to showcase yourself to the crowd. Lots of white paint, wood and an abundance of sunlight through the massive window make the whole place very welcoming. Not entirely convinced by the Asian sit-on-cushions-eating-style and lack of actual tables, but hell, it works.

The menu at Daluma has a focus on ridiculously healthy raw food based on ingredients like quinoa, lentils, chia seeds, salads and basically every other ingredient that has been proclaimed a “super ingredient” during the last decade. They also have a very innovative smoothie and juice menu, which features funky creations like the Smooth Operator, Green Giant and Dr. Feel Good, all intended to make you feel spectacularly well and detox all that crap you’ve been eating lately (well, I have at least..). The drinks all have funky ingredients and colours and definitely don’t taste like your regular, over-sugared smoothies, instead you taste quality and with every gulp you feel better. Some are maybe a bit too funky for me, but that’s the point of medicine, right?

If you’re looking for cutting edge superfood dishes, this is your place

The menu offers a couple of breakfast items, salads, desserts and lunch mains where four low-carb base ingredients can be combined with four toppings and then washed down with a large variety of crazy juices and smoothies. The food is innovative and the base ingredients solid, in my favourite combo quinoa with tomato topping the Peruvian super-grain is perfectly cooked and fluffy and the same goes for my crispy, green salad. The toppings and dressings on the other hand are slightly boring and weird though, my hemp seed and celeriac mixture for my lentils is pretty tasty but really a dish where you poke the ingredients and wonder what the hell is in there. Same thing goes for the salad dressing, it’s creamy as hell and I like it but it’s also a bit too much and my crispy leaves are drowning and looking a bit sad when I eat them.

While I’m excited about new and healthy restaurant concepts, the food at Daluma is not entirely at the right level yet. But you know that I only write about restaurants that I really like and I would like to clarify that this is the case with Daluma as well. The prices for food and drink are extremely fair, you get a lunch for 6,40€ which is a lot less than I expected. I respect that a lot, because it shows how healthy you can cook for small money. On top of that, the portion sizes are also massive, which is fantastic as healthy food joints for some reason (why??) always serve the tiniest portions and try to starve me (hinthint @ Till the Cows Come Home). Even more plus points for that and I get to detox my latest cheese burger frenzy lentil by lentil and smoothie by smoothie. Daluma is a very functional restaurant and they are very innovative with their creations. This might sometimes mean that you’re not eating the most delicious food in town, but if you’re looking for cutting edge superfood dishes, this is your place.

Daluma Berlin Venue


Daluma Berlin Salad

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