Berlin Vice Munchies with Kavita

Chef's Night Out with Kavita Goodstar

Aug 7th, 2014

VICE Munchies just released the second German episode with no one else than our beloved Kavita Goodstar, the mother of Street Food Thursday and Burgers & Hip Hop. Time to crank up your YouTube.

The VICE food format is back in town and this time around they followed one of THE characters of the new Berlin street food scene to her favourite food destinations. While getting hammered, Kavita takes her crew on an epic eating tour around town, kicking it off with two visits on Kantstraße at Papaya and Lon Men’s, pit stopping at the Russian supermarket for some vodka and schaschlik before ending the night with some Sironi pizza at Markthalle Neun. And if you look closely, you might even find yours truly lingering in the background and munching on pizza.

Enjoy a night full of tasty treats, lipstick vodka, pizza baking and love.

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