Berlin Vice Munchies Bandol Sur Mer

chef's night out with Jean Cohen

Jun 16th, 2014

The illest’ food show on the planet VICE Munchies launches in Germany and puts the Berlin restaurant scene on the map in a memorable food tour with Bandol sur Mer’s Jean Cohen and a couple of our favourite Berlin food characters.

If you’re into food and don’t know VICE Munchies yet, then it’s about time you call in sick for a day and plough through all the episodes on YouTube. The notoriously famous food video format from VICE magazine has a simple but yet brilliant theme: Get the inside view of a chef’s life by following food characters and restaurant owners through a night where they visit a couple of their favourite restaurants while getting shitfaced. Sounds simple, stupid and ridiculous? Hells YES! That’s the bloody point.

Enjoy the awesome first German episode where the owner of Bandol Sur Mer takes his crew to Chicago Williams and Brasserie Lamazere.

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