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Order the Bun Cha and the Water Spinach Beef

Van Anh

Contemporary Vietnamese

Apr 22nd, 2014

Van Anh is a promising new Vietnamese restaurant in a stylish location on Kastanienallee. Serving contemporary Vietnamese dishes of unusual quality, this place is worth a visit.

In the middle of March 2014 the Kastanienalle, which is nowadays not really known for its culinary extravaganzas, saw a pretty interesting restaurant opening. Vietnamese eatery Van Anh opened it’s doors on the Oderberger corner and I tried it out a couple of times for lunch to be pleasantly surprised. As Zitty Magazin righteously pointed out the other week, a new Vietnamese restaurant in Berlin doesn’t have more news value than a Bayern München victory in 2014. But Van Anh does not look like the average Berlin Vietnamese restaurant, there is a lot more thought and ambition behind this place.

It starts with the venue, the owners describe the process on their Facebook page. In September last year they went on a trip to Vietmam and in the luggage back home they brought with them the whole restaurant decoration, including the ceramics and furniture. They had it all manufactured in Vietnam according to their vision and the result is pretty nice. Heavy, wooden chairs and tables in a tastefully designed venue make this place stand out and put in the same league as Si An, District Mot an Co Co.

A proper bowl of braised, juicy pork belly and pork meatballs in a divine sweet and spicy sauce

Same thing goes for the food, most of the dishes are way above the average Berlin Vietnamese quality. If I would compare the food to anything then it would be to District Mot, there are similar quality standards when it comes to the produced used and the execution of Vietnamese classics. Take for example the Bun Cha, a dish often unrecognizable from its original, proper version in the way it’s served in Berlin restaurants. Until now the only place where you could get a proper Bun Cha was District Mot but I also really like the Van Anh version. A proper bowl of braised, juicy pork belly and pork meatballs in a divine sweet and spicy sauce, served with rice noodles and tons of herbs on the side. I also had a very good beef dish with water spinach where especially the meat quality stood out.

Van Anh is a promising new restaurant and definitely a well needed addition to the selection of Vietnamese restaurants in Berlin. The food is fresh, the menu is both innovative and traditional in a way that it features many Vietnamese dishes hard to get in Berlin. The venue is very nice, the staff super charming and if the level of quality can be applied evenly to the whole menu we might have a real challenger to restaurants like Si An, District Mot and Chen Che.





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