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Lecker Song

Finest Dim Sum

Apr 1st, 2014

Lecker Song is a tiny, Chinese dumpling joint tucked away in a quiet street next to Helmholzplatz and the place to fulfil your wildest dumpling dreams. Over 20 varieties of Chinese dumplings and superbly friendly atmosphere make Lecker Song a fantastic destination.

Being a serious Dim Sum fan I always look for the best place to find the most authentic version in Berlin. When I heard about a new dumpling restaurant in Prenzlauer Berg I started researching it and after a couple of turns around Helmholtzplatz I found Lecker Song on Schliemanstraße. It’s tiny and pretty hard to find, except when it’s dark, which I found out this weekend as they have a massive light projection on the side walk. This beacon of hope fills an important purpose and that is to guide you to some of the freshest dumplings in town.

Lecker Song is dishing out dumplings on another level

The venue only seats about 15 people and is, well, let’s say cosy. Really nothing special at all. But hell, I really couldn’t care less, if someone serves me proper dumplings he or she can do so from a whole in the wall. Literally. And boy do they at Lecker Song, the quality was well beyond my expectations. I’ve had some pretty good dumplings at Wok Show and also some really great ones at Shan Shan, but Lecker Song is dishing out dumplings on another level. Dumplings are really also all you can eat here, so if you don’t like Chinese Dim Sum you will be confined to a soup starter. Which also has dumplings in it actually, so you’re fucked, don’t go.

The dumplings at Lecker Song are always perfectly cooked, moist and juicy and just made to be popped into your mouth

The menu features one page of vegetarian and one page of meat dumplings and then also a couple of dessert versions. The different varieties are illustrated with photos and come in an abundance of shapes and colours. Some of them are true masterpieces, just look at the marvellous shape of the shrimp dumplings below. Other examples include pork & cabbage, pork & spring onions, tofu & shitake, shrimp, chicken, peas & curry etc., there is truly something for everyone here. But really only traditional Chinese, meaning pork, shrimp, chicken, tofu, shitake, cabbage and other veggies. No beef or lamb as you will find on the menu of Yumcha Heroes for example.

The dumplings at Lecker Song are always perfectly cooked, moist and juicy and just made to be popped into your mouth. You’ll always get four of each ordered variety in a basket and then you can share them with your co-diners. Or just eat them all yourself, that’s also totally understandable. For your dumplings you’ll get the traditional dip sauces soy, black vinegar and a hot sauce.

Lecker Song is a pleasant new discovery and along with Nalu Diner one of the reasons you’ll see me more often around Helmholtzplatz in the future. Compared to the the real deal dim sum you can get in China and Taiwan, Lecker Song definitely doesn’t compare. But for Berlin it’s for sure one of the better destinations to eat the delicate dumplings. Apparently the owner used to work at a classic, Chinese restaurant, cooking westernized Chinese food for the masses, but then decided to open up her own place and cook real, Chinese food. Thank god there are some people who actually choose to do that. Go to Lecker Song if you want lovely Dim Sum served by lovely people, you won’t regret it.




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