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Thai Park

a piece of Thailand in Berlin

Aug 30th, 2013


Totally defying the general lack of great Thai restaurants in Berlin, the Thai Food Market in Wilmersdorf offers a complete journey through the wonderful world of Thai food. Sample spectacular dishes which aren’t available anywhere else in the city whilst enjoying the scenery in the Preußen Park.

The Thai Market in Berlin is by no means anything new. This spectacular food event, which takes place every Sunday in the Wilmersdorfer Preußenpark, has been around for ages, growing in size every year and giving Berliners the rare chance to sample truly authentic Thai food. Important to point out is that the Thai Market per se really is more of a social sit-down than a real market. It has a large number of Thais, mostly women, sitting in a small park under umbrellas, selling their home-cooked food to anyone interested. And the selection is truly astonishing, the offering ranges from small little snacks, noodle soups, fried seafood to full blown curries and the craziest desserts. The amount of food and dishes being offered at the market is mind blowing, you can easily stick around for hours and hours and just keep on sampling new dishes.

Your biggest problem will be to choose what to eat.

Preußenpark is located just south off the S-Bahn station Charlottenburg and right next to the U7 station Konstanzer str. in an area which is not very frequently visited by most Berliners as there really is not much else to do here (apologies to all the locals). There is just a park. Full of Thais. Selling food. The park itself is pretty small and really just a large, circular grass area surrounded by trees. The grass area is really nice and as the Thai market only occupies about half of the grass area there is plenty of space to spread out your blankets.

Now, when it comes to the food, your biggest problem will be to choose what you want to eat. You can try a lot of fantastic things at the Thai Park but you will not be able to try everything in one go, so if you like it you will have to come back. I’ve been VERY lucky to visit the park with my dear friend M who speaks Thai which has resulted in me trying pretty much everything being sold openly at the Thai Park. And boy have I tried crazy dishes, things I had no idea that they even existed before I came to the park. I had no clue how much the Thais worked with tapioca and what crazy textures they achieve by doing that.

My favourite soup is the pork version that usually can be found in the centre, it’s a divine and sour, spicy an sweet creation and really the perfect kickstarter to any weekend.

But one thing at a time, what I enjoy most when I visit the Thai Park are first of all the magnificent noodle soups, there are 2-3 vendors selling different versions and they are all special in their way, powerful and spicy, with deep flavours and so many ingredients that you stop counting them while the soup is being prepared for you. My favourite soup is the pork version that usually can be found in the centre, it’s a divine and sour, spicy an sweet creation and really the perfect kickstarter to any weekend.

Other dishes not to be missed are the coconut milk/chive egg-shaped thingies called Khanom Krok, something I had never tried before I came to the park and which made me spin like a cat – wow! Apparently a very common snack in Thailand and fully understandable as they are so fucking delicious, I could eat them non-stop. Or how about the deep fried bass or crabs, dipped in sweet chili sauce and eaten whole. Tasty! Other favourites are the chicken salads or green curries. And when you are done with your savoury dishes I’d strongly recommend you going for a dessert as well. Before coming to the Thai Park I also had no idea how crazy their desserts are, how about shaved ice (yes, shaved) with funky, flavoured tapioca pieces in lunatic colours, all topped off with rose syrup and condensed milk. This dish looks like something from a Fear and Loathing acid trip but I can tell you, it’s pretty fucking tasty. The tapioca pieces all have their distinct flavour and texture and together with the ice and the syrup the dish is actually not sweet at all, despite it’s funky and sugary look. You should absolutely try it. Along with all the food you of course also have a wide selection of drinks which you can purchase at the market, ranging from soft drinks and beer to tasty fruit juices and smoothies.






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