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Bite Club

The Street Food Party

Aug 20th, 2013

Bite Club is one of Berlin’s biggest street food events, which has a semi-permanent summer base on and around the M/S Hoppetosse, an old party boat anchored next to Badeschiff. Some of Berlin’s best street food, plenty of drinks, live DJs and a spectacular location are all reasons why Bite Club has risen to become one of Berlin’s most coveted street food events.

Looking at the immense popularity of Markthalle Neun’s Street Food Thursday and the hype around quality street food in cities like New York, L.A. and London, it was only a matter of time until many of these concepts would pop in Berlin. Bite Club was established right around the same time as Street Food Thursday in 2013 and has since then grown into an institution.

Bite Club is essentially a moving street food fair, by the creators described as an event that takes a modern food market and beverage vendors and adds a party vibe to it, taking inspiration from Brooklyn food fairs and Asian night markets. To give you a feeling on what Bite Club is like, you can check out the video below they released after the launch event.

Bite Club is by far one of the best street food markets Berlin has to offer

The summer location of Bite Club is located right next to Badeschiff around the famous party boat Hoppetosse, an institution in the Berlin night life where I’ve spent numerous nights, always lingering around the exit, praying that the somewhat raggedy old ship wouldn’t sink, dragging me down with it into the cold Spree. But after all these years it’s still floating and the signs of age can absolutely also be interpreted as charming. For Bite Club the whole boat has been converted into a formidable dining area where you can eat on and under deck while enjoying a spectacular view on the Spree. There are definitely worse dining spots on a warm summer night. In the summer the food vendors can be found on the shore in an area enclosed by large shipping containers and where around 8-10 different vendors will sell their creations. The Bite Club have with the years become very pro at curating the vendors, an important skill in the nowadays slightly oversaturated street food offering where a lot of terrible food is being sold under the street food label. This means that you’ll always have a couple of new vendors at the events and if you’re interested in the line up for specific events I recommend checking out their Facebook page.

During the winter time Bite Club becomes an event based street food market, catering everything from the Berlinale to smaller events and once again it’s their social media sites you should use to stay updated. Bite Club is by far one of the best street food markets Berlin has to offer and their summer events belong to the culinary highlights of that season.









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