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Shiso Burger

Fo Shiso Ma niso

Jul 16th, 2013

Shiso Burger is a burger place in Mitte taking the meat bun to new levels with their Asian fusion twist. The result is an innovative restaurant concept that serves great burgers that are loved by the masses.

Shiso Burger is located just around the corner from Cocolo Ramen on Auguststraße, next to the bike store. The crew behind the place put a lot of effort into the project, it’s a fresh and modern venue with an open kitchen and along with that they also put up a lot of tables outside which makes Shiso Burger a lovely hangout for a summer night burger.

The burgers are quite small and served in a home-baked bun, which is really nice and very fluffy. Total winner.

Shiso is all about the burger and especially about burgers with an Asian twist. You can have a Bulgogi version a with Korean flavours, the Ebi burger with Tiger Prawn, the Shiso burger with tuna but then also just a simple Cheese Burger, which is has a few Asian flavours packed into it. Along with your burger you can choose between a couple of sides like fried, twisted potatoes, sweet potato fries and cole slaw. The burgers are quite small and served in a home-baked bun, which is really nice and very fluffy. Total winner. The meat is usually very well cooked, nicely browned on the outside and juicy inside, to the point where you wonder why the hell many other Burger joints don’t succeed with this. The toppings for the burgers are fresh and crispy and, adding all these things together, this is a very solid burger that gets a lot of love from me. And yes, they are small and if you are really hungry you might have to order two sides, but at the same time they also only cost 4-5 euros which makes it totally ok. The sides are very tasty by the way, a nice update from the classic French Fries (which I find rather boring, regardless of how good they are). I especially like the twisted potatoes, which were fried perfectly to crunchy deliciousness.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of Shiso burger from the start, but these guys hung in there and worked on their quality and service and the result is remarkable. Despite serving burgers with a slightly weird, Asian twist, the food from Shiso is very good and they have worked their way into my heart. Check this place out if you’re looking for a fun burger and delicious burger.






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