2017-02-05 11:00 - 2017-02-05 19:00
Eisenbahnstra├če 42-43, 10997, Berlin, Germany Eisenbahnstra├če 42-43, 10997, Berlin, Germany

It’s all about the wurst! And the beer. Both are artisanal products with a long and traditional history. Thanks to producers who are eager to try out new things and who put a lot of value into quality, this history is celebrating a big revival.

The unique Wurst&Bier market presents to you local artisanal butcheries and breweries and interesting guests from all over Germany and Europe. They all produce by following the Slow Food concept: artisanal, natural ingredients and meat from species-appropriate husbandry.

There will be a lot of tastings, but also a lot of information all around wurst&bier!

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