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  • Kinder-Kochen

    Eisenbahnstraße 42-43, 10997, Berlin, Germany

    Eisenbahnstraße 42-43, 10997, Berlin, Germany

    kinder kochen Berlin event

    It starts!! From February, there will be cooking for children at Markthalle Neun every Friday. All children from 4 years onwards, from near and far, are cordially invited to swing their cooking spoons. What they make is a surprise …

    There will be two courses every week: One at 3 pm and one at 5 pm. A course lasts approximately 1.5 hours. For the materials and the kitchen fairies we look for a cost contribution between 7 – 12 Euro. The number of participants is limited. Registration at

    Make the cookers unsafe with us!

  • Wurst&Bier
    Eisenbahnstraße 42-43, 10997, Berlin, Germany
    Eisenbahnstraße 42-43, 10997, Berlin, Germany


    It’s all about the wurst! And the beer. Both are artisanal products with a long and traditional history. Thanks to producers who are eager to try out new things and who put a lot of value into quality, this history is celebrating a big revival.

    The unique Wurst&Bier market presents to you local artisanal butcheries and breweries and interesting guests from all over Germany and Europe. They all produce by following the Slow Food concept: artisanal, natural ingredients and meat from species-appropriate husbandry.

    There will be a lot of tastings, but also a lot of information all around wurst&bier!

  • Berlinale Street Food
    Joseph-von-Eichendorff-Gasse, Berlin, Germany
    Joseph-von-Eichendorff-Gasse, Berlin, Germany

    Berlinale Street Food

    In cooperation with Markthalle Neun and Slow Food Berlin, the Culinary Cinema is organizing the Street Food Market with the city’s most popular food trucks. These include “Heisser Hobel” with its cheese spaetzle from the Allgäu, “Big Stuff Smoked BBQ” with its juicy pulled pork or “Café 9” with Sironi’s delicious Italian baked goods. This year’s newcomers: “Buns Mobile” serving fish burgers and home-made fries and the Mexican food truck “Eddilicious” offering Chili Cheese Nachos and Mexican Curry.

    The Berlinale Street Food Market will again set up its trucks on Joseph-von-Eichendorff-Gasse at the corner of Alte Potsdamer Straße

    Feb 8 to 19, 2017, daily from 11am – 10pm
    coffee and breakfast available from 8am

  • Vegan Ramen Nights

    Hasenheide 16, Berlin, Germany

    Hasenheide 16, Berlin, Germany

    vegan ramen berlin

    Pop up vegan ramen shop by the Japanese chef gourmie. Vegan Ramen + Drink ( by macha-macha ) are included in the ticket price, you can buy your ticket on Eventbrite or also directly at macha-macha.

  • Ataya’s Afro & Italian Vegan Brunch
    Atayacaffe – Prenzlauerberg-Berlin, Zelterstraße, Berlin, Germany
    Atayacaffe – Prenzlauerberg-Berlin, Zelterstraße, Berlin, Germany

    Berlin Sunday Brunch

    SUNDAY BRUNCH! JOIN US IN OUR SUPER COMFY WOHNZIMMER! Family style,relaxed,chilled and eating delicious spicy African &
    Italian food

    100% vegan
    100% homemade
    100% Love

  • Berlinale Kulinarisches Kino – Kick Off
    Berlin, Germany
    Berlin, Germany

    Berlinale Berlin chefs

    “Passion Food” is the motto of the eleventh Culinary Cinema, which will be held from February 12 to March 17, 2017. This year eleven recent full-length films focusing on the relationship between food, culture and politics will be presented.

    The films in the Culinary Cinema programme 2017:

    André – The Voice of Wine – USA
    By Mark Tchelistcheff
    World premiere

    Atlantic – Ireland / Canada
    By Risteard Ó Domhnaill
    German premiere

    At The Fork – USA
    By John Papola
    International premiere

    Boone – USA
    By Christopher LaMarca
    German premiere

    Chef’s Table – Jeong Kwan – USA
    By David Gelb
    World premiere

    Chef’s Table – Tim Raue – USA
    By Abigail Fuller
    World premiere

    Hand.Line.Cod. – Canada
    By Justin Simms

    Look & See: A Portrait of Wendell Berry – USA
    By Laura Dunn
    European premiere

    Monsieur Mayonnaise – Australia / Germany
    By Trevor Graham
    International premiere

    Schumanns Bargespräche (Schumann’s Bar Talks) – Germany
    By Marieke Schroeder
    World premiere

    Soul – Spain
    By Ángel Parra / José Antonio Blanco
    World premiere

    Theater of Life – Canada
    By Peter Svatek
    German premiere

  • Tacos For Lovers
    Keith Bar, Schillerpromenade, Berlin, Germany
    Keith Bar, Schillerpromenade, Berlin, Germany

    Taco for lovers Berlin

    This time along with another batch of tamales I’ll be making some of my favorite tacos, the classic ‘tacos de canasta’ or steamed tacos. I remember little old Mexican grandpas carrying their baskets around selling these delicious vapour-bathed tacos with their salsa and pickled onions, usually by a mini mercado where you can buy a cold beverage to go with them. They’re so good, I’m deeming them an aphrodisiac. Come share some with your loved one(s).

    -Pork and Salsa Verde
    -Rajas de Jalapeno with Oaxaca cheese

    -Frijoles Charros (beans and chorizo)
    -Chicharron guisado (pork crackling in chili sauce)
    -Pulled pork

    Same as last time. 2 euro each item and your choice of salsa. That’s real love.

  • The Sensual Dinner
    LEOGANT, Linienstraße, Berlin, Germany
    LEOGANT, Linienstraße, Berlin, Germany

    Leogant Berlin Dinner

    Join us on a journey to your senses in the beautiful space of Leogant Loft at Valentines Day.

    Be part of a special sensory experience, a culinary exploration of finest raw food, taste, smell, sight, hearing and touch. Get out of your mind and come to your senses. Take an exceptional culinary path through five alluring raw vegan courses, decorated with a mindful taste of sensual experiences in between. Let yourself be touched by this beautiful fusion of body awareness and food for the soul.

    The dinner will take place at the lovely Leogant Loft in Berlin Mitte run by Thomas Hartwig.

    The maximum capacity is 20 people. To reserve your spot please book your ticket asap. You can come alone or with your love, best friend or blind date:)

    Looking forward to share with you this journey through the mouth to the belly into the heart.

    Donation: 59,- €
    (incl. of welcome aperitif and energized water)

    Organic wine pairing: 20,- €
    (please specify with reservation)

    Kombucha: 5 € (Glass)

  • Chili, Zimt und Co: Natürliche Aphrodisiaka
    Bergstraße 22, 10115, Berlin, Germany
    Bergstraße 22, 10115, Berlin, Germany

    Berlin spice event

    Chili, cinnamon, et al.: Natural aphrodisiacs – a foray into the stimulating world of spices in cooperation with Bone.Berlin

    Get to know another side of spices and learn how vanilla, chili, cinnamon or nutmeg have been used as natural aphrodisiacs for thousands of years. Bone.Berlin has created a fantastic 4-course menu for the occasion, to demonstrate how spices can be used and combined to achieve certain effects. Of course the evening does not just involve getting to know the aphrodisiac properties of spices, you will also learn how to re-create the menu at home, before we eat and talk shop. Afterwards you will be able to ask everything you always wanted to know about spices and cooking over a glass of wine.

    Filo-pastry parcels with ricotta and cayenne
    Mixed leafes with shoots and an olive oil and raspberry vinegar dressing (flavoured with vanilla)
    Cardamom root vegetables and Szechuan beef with ginger, chili and nutmeg
    Chocolate tart with a mango-chili-ginger chutney

  • Opening Mehrwert, a performative waste-free restaurant
    Entretempo Kitchen Gallery, Senefelderstraße, Berlin, Germany
    Entretempo Kitchen Gallery, Senefelderstraße, Berlin, Germany

    Mehrwart Berlin event

    Guerilla Architects in collaboration with Entretempo Kitchen Gallery and Tabea Mathern created an interactive installation, bringing together FOOD, ART and a COMMUNITY of FOOD SAVERS to raise public awareness and propose new possible alternatives for FOOD WASTE

    About 18 million tons of edible food are thrown away every year in Germany. The impact of the Food Waste in our economy, politics and environment is huge, affecting people and animals lives in all the planet. To understand from where waste comes from, how this affects your life and our lives in common, and to get inputs on how to make it better, come and join us

  • Breakfast Market x Februar Edition
    Eisenbahnstraße 42-43, 10997, Berlin, Germany
    Eisenbahnstraße 42-43, 10997, Berlin, Germany

    Breakfast Market


    The Breakfast Market is the ultimate Sunday market. A global feast serving high quality, hand crafted breakfast deliciousness. Start your Sunday by filling up on prized breakfast dishes from your favourite Vendors & chefs! featuring

    See you from 10 am every 3rd Sunday of the Month!
    Aunt Benny
    Barbaras Küche
    Berlin Beef Balls
    Big Stuff Smoked BBQ
    Brammibal’s Donuts
    Café 9
    Eugenio –Salumeria del sud
    Gusto Artesano
    Holy Everest
    Humble Pie Berlin
    Kame Japanese Bakery
    Kumpel & Keule
    Apfel On Tour
    Studio Oppermann
    Oma Marnie’s Pies in Germany
    Natas – Berlin
    Pelmeni Slam
    Monsieur Collard
    Tapas La Cazuela
    Teas ‘n trees
    The Future Breakfast
    Weinhandlung Suff

  • Mal de Amores (Pop Up Mexicano)
    Industry Standard, Sonnenallee, Berlin, Germany
    Industry Standard, Sonnenallee, Berlin, Germany

    Industry Standard event Berlin

    A Mexican inspired night hosted by the crew of Industry Standard on the food with Mezcal Amores as our choice of drink. Special guests Julian Boyce (Santa Maria) & Tuan (TiEr)

    After opening 3 venues in under one year back in 2010, Julian Boyce (Santa María, Piris) and Ramses Manneck (Industry Standard, Wild Things) have not cooked together since. During this time, the boys have managed to stay great friends and open different restaurants, but the question always remained: Should they do something together again?

    For this first MAL DE AMORES pop up, the boys will go back to the roots and reinvent some good old mexican classics. We will have Mezcal Amores Espadin to be drank straight up or in one of the cocktails specifically mixed by Tuan from our lovely neighbours and Neukollns best cocktail bar Tier, plus our usual fair of natural wines and beer.


    Huaratxe: Purple corn, txogitxu, burned scallion & dehydrated egg yolk. 8€
    Tamal: Pine nuts, beetroot, hibiscus & aged cheese. 7€
    Burrito: Hay smoked beans, octopus & chorizo 9€
    Motuleño: Onsen egg, bacon, plantain & peas 9€
    Tostada: Tuna escabeche, Sesame & Serrano 7€
    Aguachile: Razor clams, cucumber, Granny Smith & borage. 9€
    Carnitas: Suckling pig, condensed milk & Coca Cola. 8€
    Chilorio: Duck, chicharrón & ancho 9€
    Mole: Quail, pumpkin seeds & chard 11€
    Nieve: Pineapple, achiote, preserved lemon & coriander. 5€
    Boli: Tamarind, Szechuan pepper & ginger 5€

    Please RSVP on the Industry Standard website or call 015204913132. Looking forward to seeing you there.

  • FEC Tuesday Wachstum! Wie expandiere ich mit meinem Food-Konzept
    Hallesches Haus, Tempelhofer Ufer 1, Berlin, Germany
    Hallesches Haus, Tempelhofer Ufer 1, Berlin, Germany

    FEC Tuesday Berlin event

    Dein Food-Business läuft! Sogar ziemlich erfolgreich. Es ist an der Zeit es auf die nächste Stufe zu heben. Doch welche Expansions-Modelle eignen sich? Wie kann Einzigartigkeit vervielfältigt werden? Und wie funktioniert modernes Franchising?

    Bei diesem FEC Tuesday sprechen Food-Unternehmer, die sich erfolgreich vergrößert haben, teilen Erfolge und Niederlagen und geben Tipps, wie eine Geschäftsvergrößerung aussehen kann.

    Wir freuen uns auf diese Gäste:

    Anna Schubert und Leandro Burguete: Seit September 2014 versorgt Haferkater Berlin mit frischgekochtem Porridge. Das schottische Traditionsgericht wird mit allerlei Toppings garniert und durch Specialty Coffee ergänzt, nachmittags locken Getreidesalate, hausgemachte Backwaren und Suppen. Der Startschuss fiel in einer umgebauten Dönerbude in Friedrichshain, nach der Teilnahme am DB Accelerator gibt es HAFERKATER nun auch im Hauptbahnhof Berlin. Ein dritter Standort wird im Frühjahr im Prenzlauer Berg eröffnet.

    Oliver Friedrich hat 1999 gemeinsam mit seiner Frau Yvonne Friedrich die erste Subway Filiale Deutschland eröffnet und war viele Jahre Development Agents für Subway mit vier eigenen Stores und mehr als 40 eröffneten Läden. Heute betreibt das Paar Food Concepts Berlin mit dem Schwerpunkt Beratung und Konzeptionierung von Gastro Start Ups und Franchising.

    Der Berliner Robert Stock ist Inhaber von Tres Cabezas Berlin und versorgt Gäste und Gastronomen mit Spezialitäten-Kaffee der besonderen Art. Gemeinsam mit seinem Partner betreibt er eigene stationäre Coffee-Stores, verkauft seinen Kaffee online und im Lebensmittel-Einzelhanden und beliefert darüber hinaus die Berliner Hotellerie und Gastronomie.

    Nach der Panel-Diskussion startet das Get-Together. Bei diesem Tuesday haben wir Florian Profitlich, Inhaber des Gutshofes Weinschänke Kraatz aus der Uckermark zu Besuch, der seine sortenreine Gourmet-Apfelweine vorstellt und verkostet. Einen Vorgeschmack findet ihr hier.

  • 10. lange Nacht der Weine

    Arminiusstraße 2-4, Berlin, Germany

    Arminiusstraße 2-4, Berlin, Germany

    Long wine event Berlin

    The Anniversary Night! It’s now the 10th “Long Night of the Wines” event, and again we’ve got an exciting mixture of German and international wines. We are looking forward to a lot of wine-interested visitors, who will, as always, make the wine festival a great event! There’ll also be many culinary offerings from market hall’s restaurants and the market stalls.

  • Berliner Käsetage

    Arminiusstraße 2-4, Berlin, Germany

    Arminiusstraße 2-4, Berlin, Germany

    Arminusmarkthale cheese Berlin event

    Berliners love good cheese. At the Arminius Market Hall, market vendors, producers, frommeliers and aficionados meet gourmets and connoisseurs on the biggest cheese days in Berlin.

    Vendors include:
    • Rheingau Affineure
    • Simone Nuss from Schaufenster Uckermark
    • The cheese island, Jan Pusch
    • Peppikäse Berlin- Here the raw cheeses rock!
    • Gusto Artesano – Spanish cheese specialties
    – The Allgäuer Käseladen
    – Jumi AG
    – Watt é mustard
    • Jakob & Johanna handmade design
    • Kafeneion Special cheese from a cave in Greece.
    – Olianas and the European School of Sommelier
    – Manufaktum bread & butter
    – Metro with a cheese and wine offer
    – Cheesus with Swiss Raclette ”

    The Berlin Käsetage also have a musical supporting program. On 25.2.17 plays DJ Thorsten Stern and on 26.2.17 the Volker Fry Trio. Please book your tickets at:

  • Die Sprache des Geruchsinns

    Arminiusstraße 2-4, Berlin, Germany

    Arminiusstraße 2-4, Berlin, Germany

    Markthale arminus Brto event

    ‘Brotommelier’, Holger Schüren, has been one of 13 brotommeliers worldwide since January 2016. He developed special bread varieties and enriched the variety of bread in Berlin and Brandenburg. He’ll be telling audience members all about his discoveries and we look forward to your participation. At the beginning of the tasting, we will welcome you all with a glass of sparkling wine.

    Secure your tickets at:

  • MehrWert Konzept Dinner, feat. Real Junk Food Project Berlin
    Entretempo Kitchen Gallery, Senefelderstraße, Berlin, Germany
    Entretempo Kitchen Gallery, Senefelderstraße, Berlin, Germany

    mehrwart event programme

    The first series of concept dinners is hosted by The Real Junk Food Project: Berlin. Their goal is to safe perfectly edible food that would not be served anymore and transform it into a delicious meal to share. The dinner will explore the antagonisms between fast food culture and the value of our food in an excessive and experimental way.

    There will be 2 dinners:

    Due to limited seats a pre-registration is required! For tickets and registration, please write an e-mail with subject “MehrWert” to:

    More information about the Berlin project:

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