Berlin Food Digest #15

The homesick issue

Feb 9th, 2017

Dear Reader,

OK fine. I admit it. There’s SO MUCH going on in Berlin food these weeks I’m almost regretting my Thailand workation. Almost. First up, there are a gazillion new openings, as well as Berlinale’s  Kulinarisches Kino, which hosts Noma – Der Film and the first screening of Tim Raue’s Chef’s Table episode. Whilst you’re there, don’t miss the Berlinale Street Food Market. As well as all this, my reliable spies tell me the ribs at BRLO Brewhouse are very juicy indeed. Damn. My food FOMO is very real. But luckily I have the marvellous Kate Lewin covering the finest Berlin eats with me from now on, check out her story about 893 Ryotei today and GET HUNGRY!


Geist im Glas Berlin event


Geist im Glas
…is back! All hail the return of Dulce de Leche pancakes, Huevos Rancheros and ‘breakfast’ cocktails that go down WAY to easily. Hic.

New to Schöneberg, Kafana is promising to show us the “hedonistic Serbian lifestyle” through high-quality food, lots of music, lots of wine, lots of Rakija, Karadjordjeva schnitzel and best Ajvar in town. I could be convinced…

Sticks ‘n’ Sushi
After a fairly speedy London domination, the Danish sushi stalwarts have hit German soil and opened up their first shop on Potsdamer Straße. Head there for Sashimi, Nigiri, Maki, Yakitori and more.

Finding its home inside the first building in Berlin with a living garden wall, Vertikal sure looks pretty from the outside. Let’s see if their European/Asian fusion menu matches the stunning exteriors.


Reinstoff‘s starchef, Daniel Achilles, will be serving a casual, feel-good menu between 7th Feb – 18th March, created after travels to the UK and India.

Inspired by 13-14th century recipes from Syria, Lebanon and Palestine, chef Gal Ben-Moshe has found a new direction for his Glass restaurant and he now serves a menu rich in history, flavours and inclusivity.


Berlinale event newsletter


9th – Berlinale Street Food Week
12th – Kulinarisches Kino kicks off
23rd – Lange Nacht der Weine
25th – Berliner Käsetage


Front of House at Ernst

Ernst are dissolving the division between the kitchen and service. To do so they’re looking for someone graceful, young at heart, ambitious, detail oriented and not afraid of responsibility. Previous experience in the restaurant industry is great – but ambition, a strong work ethic and a good attitude are equally valuable. READ MORE

ernst kitchen heroes wanted

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