The Best Ice Cream in Berlin

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May 24th, 2016

Ice cream is a big thing in Berlin. Every summer the demand for the icy delight explodes, and the omnipresent cones bobbing in front of Berliners’ mouths at any point of the day can be summed up in a simple mathematical equation, one which is a true as Pythagoras theorem in Berlin: Berlin + sun = ice cream.

People hence get very serious when it comes to the question of where to find the best ice cream in Berlin. Any attempt to identify the best ice cream shops is surrounded by plenty of controversy and I expect nothing less with this attempt. Despite the general lack of reviewed Berlin ice cream parlours on Berlin Food Stories, rest assured that my consumption of various churned and frozen creations these past years has been every bit as tedious and ridiculous as my other eating. The spring opening of all ice cream shops and the plan to finally map the best ice cream in Berlin took all of this to a next level though, and hundreds of ice cream scoops later I can conclude that Berlin has a surprisingly versatile selection of high quality ice cream shops.

“…hundreds of ice cream scoops later I can conclude that Berlin has a surprisingly versatile selection of high quality ice cream shops”

Most of the ice cream in Berlin is traditional Italian gelato, but “American style” ice cream (I highly recommend reading up on the differences) – with its higher fat and sugar content – is also starting to play a bigger role. Today there are an abundance of ice cream shops that produce their ice cream in house and while most of them are pretty average, the last years have spawned a couple of exceptional producers, all of whom made my culinary investigations in this field very worthwhile.

“A gift from me to all you fellow ice-cream worshippers (with a cherry on top) to make the most out of every Berlin summer.”

As with every top list I’ll start with ten and then, if deemed necessary, I’ll add newcomers in the future. An important disclaimer to this list is that it was very hard to choose just ten ice cream shops, as there a. are countless interesting shops around and b. most likely several great ones I haven’t even heard of yet. I’m sure I’ll get to all of them eventually. It was also surprisingly difficult to rank the shops against each other, and although I’m very confident about the winner, the ranking in the lower half was a very close call.

So now that dark and gloomy winter days are nothing but a distant memory and we’re all about enjoying the crap out of our beloved, sun-soaked Berlin, I’m happy to present ten exceptional shops in Berlin that produce their own ice cream and who, to me, represent the very best ice cream you’ll find in Berlin right now. A gift from me to all you fellow ice-cream worshippers (with a cherry on top) to help you make the most out of every Berlin summer.

10. Vanille & Marille

Using only 100% natural ingredients, Vanille Marille is friendly neighbourhood ice cream parlour with five different outlets all over Berlin. Ice creams of the month are always worth checking out; recently they’ve included exotic varieties like Havanna Poppyseed and Caribbean Guava. Flavours can be subtle here, so if you’re looking for an intense hit this probably isn’t the place for you. That said, their Wild Blueberry is the perfect tartness and silky as hell, it’s lacquered finish is like a love letter to ice cream and their Indian Mango looks like a pot of pure golden sunshine.

Vanille+Marille Berlin Hazelnut & Blackberry ice cream

Price per scoop: 1,20€

Website – Locations: Kreuzberg Mehringdamm | Kreuzberg GörlitzerSchönebergSteglitzTempelhof

09. Die Eismacher

Die Eismacher is a classic Berlin ice cream institution in southern Kreuzberg famous for its bright purple Ube flavoured ice cream that’s made with the purple yam and coconut cream. Other interesting flavours are Pandan Nut and Mint-Pineapple but none of them really reach the quality of the Ube. This place is a good destination for some solid scoops of ice cream.

Die Eismacher Berlin Ice Cream

Price per scoop: 1€ (cheapest)

Körtestraße 10
10967 Berlin

08. Rosa Canina

If Raspberry & Basil and Pineapple & Sage don’t scream summer at you, then you might be lost cause. And they’re just two of the delicious and highly interesting flavour combos the Rosa Canina guys have on offer. They’ve got three shops in Berlin, perhaps my favourite thing about their Markthalle joint is the chug of vodka they add to their divine Moscow Mule flavour if you ask nicely. Another favourite is the black sesame flavour. Although Rosa Canina loose a few points when it comes to texture, flavour creations from these guys are always interesting and well thought through.

Rosa Canina Berlin Chocolate, strawberry, pumpkin seed

Price per scoop: 1,40€

Website – Locations: Prenzlauer Berg Hufeland Str. | Markthalle Neun ( Kreuzberg) | Prenzlauer Berg Greifswalder Str.

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